Science: It Can Keep Your Drink Cold

Science: It Can Keep Your Drink Cold

June 25, 2015 1 By Steph Mernagh

It’s summer for us here and that means days of having some beverages of choice out in the warm weather on a beautiful day. But sometimes that koozie doesn’t keep your beer cold for long enough, and you are sick of the watered down taste that ice cubes give your soda.

Thankfully, someone has finally done something about it, and they’ve used NASA technology.

That’s something I didn’t actually think I would ever say, but here we are.

On Kickstarter, there is currently a project looking to be funded called ColdCan. The co-creators of the ColdCan, Justin McCollough and T.J. Henderson, have brought their idea to the ever-popular crowdfunding platform in hopes that they will be able to get the $25,000 they need for the manufacturing and production.

The ColdCan core can hold 12 ounce cans but when the riser (optional) is added, the ColdCan is able to handle up to 16 ounce cans, keeping them cold to the last sip.

So what keeps it cold?

Henderson and McCollough use Cryogel, a derivative of the same substance (silica aerogel) used as insulation in NASA space suits and the Mars rover. It is the most insulating substance known to man for this type of application. So, if you like your beverages cold like most, and don’t mind supporting two entrepreneurs who are using space age tech to keep your beer cold, check out the ColdCan Kickstarter and make a pledge; you’ll get one of the cold cans (at a great cost) and be one of the first to try it out and see what its like.

Oh. It floats too, even with a king can inside of it, and has a waterproof seal. Take it swimming if you want; however you want to test it out is completely up to you.