San Diego Comic Con Sues Salt Lake Convention

by on August 12, 2014

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the world, does not like competition. This was proven last week when the event’s organizers sued the organizers of the up and coming Salt Lake City Comic Con. They cited that the Salt Like City Comic Con (SLCCC) has caused “irreparable damage” to the name of SDCC and are taking advantage of their “creativity, ingenuity and hard work.” SLCCC has responded with something of echoing confusion and annoyance, stating that there are many conventions across the country that use the term “comic con,” but have not been met with any legal action. SLCCC organizers believe that this has to do with the instant popularity as the con, which became the third largest con in the country in it’s first year alone. SLCCC organizers plan to fight this lawsuit, stating:

“We thought there might be some more ammunition with a formal lawsuit, but they still don’t have a leg to stand on.”

In my personal opinion, I think that this is a really dirty move by San Diego Comic Con. They are the biggest pop culture event in the world, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy them. They want to crush other competition, to force everyone to come to them. The want to be the Highlander of cons… there can only be one!

Personally, I think this should be other other way around. SDCC hasn’t been about the comics or the creators for some time now. It has evolved into the monstrosity that cares more about the businesses that have grown out of the comics, and not the books that they’re based on. Comics creators take a back seat to B-list movie stars and TV shows. They should be the ones taking “comic con” out of their name. Leave the little guys alone.

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This post was written for publication on the GCE by Erik Davis

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