On The Rack – October 1st, 2014

On The Rack – October 1st, 2014

September 30, 2014 0 By EVA

Welcome back to another great week in comics. We may have to wait a little bit to see how the final issue of Death of Wolverine plays out, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of great titles to tide us over until then. With Batman’s Zero Year not too far behind us, we are getting ready to break into his next big story arc very soon. Until then, let’s see what’s in store for us this week On The Rack.

Boom! Studios

Fiction Squad #1 (of 6)

WHY WE LOVE IT: After publishing the first two volumes of FAIRY QUEST, we kinda have a thing for Fablewood, where all fairy tales and bedtime stories live side-by-side. So when Paul Jenkins came up with a mystery and fantasy mash-up adventure set there and enlisted his CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE artist Ramon Bachs, we hopped aboard faster than Alice went down the rabbit hole.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: In FICTION SQUAD, every nursery rhyme is a crime scene in the making. If you like your mystery mashed up with fantasy, this has got you covered. Fans of FABLES and ONCE UPON A TIME will find a lot to love. And if you enjoyed Humberto Ramos’ art on FAIRY QUEST, then you will not be disappointed when you see Ramon Bachs’ gorgeous line work. Plus, the project has thousands of Kickstarter copublishers like you!

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Fablewood is a pretty dangerous place, but no area is more dangerous than the City of Rimes, deep in the heart of the Children’s Realm. After transferring in from the realm of Mystery, a failed detective from an unfinished prose novel, Frankie Mack, is about to uncover a conspiracy that could unmake storytelling itself. After Humpty Dumpty is pushed to crack and Jack (of Jack and Jill) goes AWOL, Frankie and his partner, Simple Simon, are put on the case.

Robocop 2014 #4

The guns are gone. Old Detroit riots. The politicians rage. Everything is going according to plan. With Killian’s undertaking in full effect, RoboCop and Anne Lewis are the only ones who can stop his siege for power.


DC Comics

Action Comics #35

‘SUPERMAN: DOOMED AFTERMATH’! In the aftermath of ‘Doomed’ – what is left of The Man of Steel? And what’s become of Smallville?

Batman Superman #14

Part 2 of ‘Forgotten Heroes’ finds the new team of Catwoman and Superman taking on Gotham City – and there’s nothing Batman or Lois Lane can do to stop them!

Detective Comics #35

In the first chapter of a two-part tale by the guest team of writer Ben Percy and artist John Paul Leon, a civilian appearance at Gotham Airport turns into a horror show for Batman when a plane full of dead passengers arrives on the runway! What happened – and what can Bruce Wayne do about it?


Flash Season Zero #1

An all-new digital first series From the world of the highly anticipated new TV show The Flash! Follow the adventures of Barry Allen as he struggles to balance his job as a police crime scene investigator, his unrequited crush on Iris West (who also happens to be his boss’ daughter) and his new life as Central City’s guardian angel! Don’t miss out!

Gotham Academy #1

WELCOME TO GOTHAM ACADEMY! Gotham City’s most prestigious prep school is a very weird place. It’s got a spooky campus, oddball teachers, and rich benefactors always dropping by…like that weirdo Bruce Wayne. But nothing is as strange is the students!

Like, what’s up with Olive Silverlock? Is she crazy or what? Where did she go last summer? And what’s the deal with her creepy mom? And how come that Freshman MAPS is always following her around? And is she still going out with Kyle? P.S. Did you hear the rumor about the ghost in the North Hall?!

GOTHAM ACADEMY is a new, monthly teen drama set in the shadow of Batman and the craziness of Gotham City, with new characters and old plus a secret tie to Gotham’s past…

Green Arrow #35

Welcome new series writers straight from the hit TV show Arrow! Ollie is trying to put his life together after the grueling events of ‘Broken,’ and finds himself back in Seattle on a mission from a mystery woman. Who is she – and what’s next for Green Arrow?

Justice League #34

Paranoid survivalist. Wanted fugitive. Damned soul. Meet the newest member of the Justice League: Jessica Cruz, a.k.a. Power Ring!

With the most dangerous weapon in the universe in her possession, Jessica has been transformed into a dark prophet – one who will force the other members of the League to confront their greatest fears in preparation for a horrific new threat.

Meanwhile, Batman and Lex Luthor continue their mission to cure the world of super-villains – but will the extremes they’re willing to go to threaten even their closest allies? Lex hopes so.


Lobo #1

The all-new Lobo brings the ultraviolence to his new ongoing series! If the first few blood-soaked pages of this issue don’t shock you – nothing will!

New 52 Futures End #22

How will the world react to discovering the identity of the masked Superman?

Wonder Woman #34

Is this the end of Olympus and the gods? Wonder Woman is locked in a desperate battle with the First Born with the destiny of immortals at stake – and she must make a decision that will effect the lives of those she loves most.

IDW Publishing

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #38

Old Hob has perfected the art of making mutants! With the ranks of his mutant gang swelling, the Turtles will have to determine if they can truly trust Hob against the Foot. Throw in Alopex’s return to New York and the mutant mayhem will only get crazier!

Image Comics

Walking Dead #132


Marvel Comics

Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier #1

Following the tragedy of Original Sin, what becomes of Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier? Find out in this new ongoing series.


Captain America #25

Extra-Sized Issue! Who is the All-New Captain America? The conclusion to the story that began in Dimension Z as Zola strikes in unison with The Red Skull! The final fate of Jet Black!

Death Of Wolverine #3 (of 4)


Edge Of Spider-verse #4 (of 5)

A radioactive spider bites a high school nerd who is already something of a monster. Novelist Clay Mcleod Chapman (The Tribe) takes you to a universe where the story you know becomes as horrific as possible.

Guardians 3000 #1

Dive right into the action as the original Guardians of the Galaxy-Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex, Starhawk and Charlie-27–try to save the future universe from the menace of the Badoon.

But what happens when the Guardians discover something behind the Badoon something even worse than they could have ever imagined?

The very future itself is in danger, and the only possibility of salvation relies on the shoulders of this ragtag, bombastic group of underdogs. Thrown together by fate and fighting against intolerable oppression, how can they even hope to survive the first issue?!


Legendary Star Lord #4

The battle to end all battles–Star-Lord vs. Thanos!

As Peter Quill attempts to return to Earth, he encounters the all-powerful Titan responsible for so much mayhem in his life. How can Star-Lord possibly get out of this alive?! Plus, a guest appearance by Kitty Pryde!

Thor #1

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” -Inscription on Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir.

This October, Marvel Comics evolves once again in one of the most shocking and exciting changes ever to shake one of Marvel’s “big three”–Captain America, Iron Man and Thor–Marvel Comics will be introducing an all-new THOR, GOD OF THUNDER.

No longer is the classic male hero able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, a brand new female hero will emerge who will be worthy of the name THOR. Who is she? Where did she come from and what is her connection to Asgard and the Marvel Universe?

Uncanny Avengers #25


The dark path to AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS starts here. An event two years in the making! The Red Skull and his S-Men have already begun the great vanishing, The Uncanny Avengers are too late. Havok witnesses the Skull’s greatest atrocity yet. Magneto vs Red Skull blood match that will result in a terribly altered Marvel Universe.

X-Men #20

In the depths of space, the X-Men have encountered the threat terrorizing S.W.O.R.D.: monstrosities called the ‘Genespliced’-creatures engineered from the fiercest alien races across the galaxy. But how can the X-Men hope to stop an alien horde? And does S.W.O.R.D.’s own leader, Abigail Brand, know more about the Genespliced than she’s letting on?

That wraps up another week of On The Rack. We hope you enjoy this weeks trip to the shop and don’t forget to drop us a line to tell us what you picked up and talk comics with us.

Chat soon fellow geeks, stay elite!