On The Rack – July 9th, 2014

On The Rack – July 9th, 2014

July 8, 2014 0 By EVA

This week in On the Rack, Marvel has some secrets, Dark Horse goes to space, it’s the American Way of Death from IDW Publishing and more!

This week we seem to be finding less and less information about some of the titles hitting the rack from Marvel. Almost as if to add a bit more mystery and entice us to grab more titles, they are labeling more and more synopsis’ with “classified”. I begin to wonder if this is going to be the next little gimmick to hit the comic industry since the birth of overwhelming us with alternate covers and reboots. Will you feel more enticed to grab an issue of something with the label classified on it instead of knowing what you are getting by the synopsis or does the title or cover alone grab you enough to pick something up? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Before we look at what Marvel is bringing out this week, lets jump into the whole list and see what’s On The Rack.

Dark Horse Comics

Star Wars #19

While we still wait for every little tidbit Kevin Smith is willing or able to tell us about Star Wars VII and how much he approves, we still have the comics to turn to.

“Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie are together again aboard the Millennium Falcon. Disguised as smugglers, they have a crazy caper to pull off-if they can avoid the dread bounty hunter IG-88!”

DC Comics

Constantine #16

There’s a new television series coming out and if you weren’t too sure about anything to do with this dark character, you can always pick up a new issue or go bin diving and catch up with the New 52 reboot.

“John Constantine travels deep into Germany’s Black Forest to prevent Cold Flame assassins from killing an innocent mystic healer – until hunter becomes prey as John finds himself chased down by the ravenous, vicious beasts of the Stained Claw!”


Detective Comics #33

More Batman coming your way because I know you can’t get enough! Look for the variant covers including a 75th anniversary cover and one done by Tony Moore.

“In ‘Icarus’ part four, Batman must contend with a gang war between The Squid and the Kings of the Sun before it consumes all of Gotham City! But can even the World’s Greatest Detective defuse a blood feud that’s about to go nuclear?”

Grayson #1

This is a title I know some of you have been waiting to see what direction this character is going to take. Are you a fan or do you hate it already?

“Dick Grayson. Former sidekick. Former Super Hero. Former dead man. And now…agent of Spyral?! A thrilling new chapter of Dick Grayson’s life begins in this new, ongoing series. It’s a super-spy thriller that will shock you and prove one thing: You might think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick.”

Superman Wonder Woman #10

Seems to be almost every DC title has a Batman 75th anniversary alternate cover, including this months issue of Superman / Wonder Woman.

“Twelfth level intellect Lois Lane uses all her new Psi Power against the God of War, Diana, in the ultimate showdown! And Superman must go up against the new Cyborg Superman as an invading armada arrives in space!”

IDW Publishing

Judge Dredd #20

” ‘The American Way of Death, part 4’ – Dredd has looked Death in the eye before… but never like this! He realizes The only way to beat the Dark Judges is to send them back to Deadworld in a crazy sacrifice play involving D-jump machines as well as a whole lot of blood, sweat and ammo. His only allies: a turncoat Dark Judge, a furry ex-con with a pickaxe, and… what’s this? A long-lost love from Dredd’s past, back to settle up an old debt?”


Image Comics

Rise of the Magi #2

Marc Silvestri’s new series hits issue two this week. Did you manage to grab the first one last month? If you are lucky, you should be able to find a copy at your local comic book shop.

“After a terrifying escape from the Magic world into ours, Asa finds that not even two realities are big enough to hide in. Armed with a terrible secret meant to destroy both his world and this strange place called Earth, Asa Stonethrow must seek help from his realms most feared criminals. His only hope is an enchanted frog and a street-smart, opportunistic petty thief and con artist named April Mae June.”

Walking Dead #129

“Even now, they still find new ways to dispose of the dead.”

Marvel Comics

100th Anniversary Special #1 Spider-Man

The Synopsis is classified, but what I can tell you is this book done by Sean Ryan & In-Hyuk Lee and comes in two different covers.


Amazing Spider-Man #1.3

Dan Slott, Ramon K. Perez & Alex Ross have this one locked down as classified as well. Look for it in three different covers.

Spider-Man 2099 #1

Well, it’s not classified, but I can’t help but think I put this way behind me when they tried this once. Is Marvel really reaching here or do they have what it takes to bring this title back to life and stronger than the previous run?

“ALL-NEW SERIES FROM THE PAGES OF AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! The book you have been demanding for months finally hits the stands!

Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man in the year 2099 but he’s currently stuck in the year 2014. He was stranded here by his father who is the head of an evil corporation called Alchemax in 2099.

But in 2014, Alechmax has just been formed and Miguel has a chance to stop its corruption before it starts! You’d think being a man out of time would make you a man without enemies, but Spider-Man 2099 is about to discover that he’s not the only one hoping for a better tomorrow, one that might be ensured by The Adjustor eliminating Miguel from the time stream altogether!

Join comics legend (and Spider-Man 2099 creator) Peter David and breakthrough artist Will Sliney (Superior Spider-Man Team-up) for the most adventure you’ll find in a book this side of the twenty second century!”

Wolverine #10

Too much Spidey this week? There’s a few X-books out this week as well, including this one. Guess what? Classified. I’m betting if you’ve been waiting for his death to kick off, you’ll want to pick this up as it’s most likely part one

With so much classified information at Marvel, it’s got our OTR locked up tighter than a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. Let us know what you thought of the titles you picked up and if it was worth Marvel stamping them “Top Secret”. Until next week…

Chat soon fellow geeks, and stay elite!