Powell Introduces the Goon to H.G. Wells

Powell Introduces the Goon to H.G. Wells

March 18, 2015 0 By EVA

If you take the time to pick up a Goon comic, it becomes very clear as to why there is a very devoted following of fans to this book. The Goon brings a fresh look with very poetic writing to the reader. I found myself going over the book twice just to ensure I was breathing in the great artwork presented in this issue. There’s something about raw goon1pencils being brought to page without the overlays of ink and digitized coloring that really leaves you feeling true to the life of the comic. Some people may look at artwork like that in a comic and think its unfinished but quite the opposite is happening; the book is a pure piece of artwork and is truly something to be appreciated by comic enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Eric Powell has won many awards for his creation of the Goon and its easy to see why. Eric was very quickly snatched up by Dark Horse Comics and they have provided a much wider audience with a refreshing book. Eric provides both the pencils and the story behind what is proclaimed by many as both an extremely witty and gruesome horror comic.

Issue two of four in the series gives you a strong insight to the character and what may be a stronger understanding as to how Eric Powell feels about this book and his creation as a whole. Sometimes it’s easy to see when an artist and writer has created something purely for the love of the craft and for the characters he’s created. Powell spins an interesting tale of the pulp horror genre and manages to work in the familiar slapstick comedy that we’ve seen in the Goon series before. In this comic, Powell writes a reflective tale inspired by the works of H.G. Wells that you’ll have to see to both appreciate and enjoy. If you are just jumping into this series and haven’t yet delved into the Goon comics of the past, you can be assured that after you read these newest comics, you will want to go back and find previous issues and graphic novels to fill yourself in on the great stories and art that’s been out there for years.

It’s very easy to get lost within the pages of a Goon book and this was exactly what you will get when you pick up this issue of The Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time #2. If a book can easily immerse you into the story and artwork at the same time, it’s truly doing what it was intended to do. Forget the outside world for a little while and escape into the world of Eric Powell’s masterful creation.