Playstation Turns 20

Playstation Turns 20

December 3, 2014 0 By Marc

One of the most influential video game consoles turns 20 today.

I remember first getting a PlayStation when I was around 12 years old, and it made my Sega Genesis look like a pile of garbage.

It’s the console that so terribly got me addicted to RPG games, and story driven gameplay. I sunk countless hours into Grandia, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, and Legend of Dragoon. I also had a very soft spot for platforming games such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. The console wasn’t just a video gaming system, it allowed you pop in a CD and play music along with pulsating colours and waving lines that no 12 year old kid can look away from as Smashing Pumpkins blasts through the television.

PlayStation also started what is now well into the 20th year of the console wars between Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Previously, Sega and Nintendo were neck and neck as far as gaming and who got which system. I was a Sega guy thanks to Phantasy Star and there was real blood in Mortal Kombat; Nintendo was great and all… but real blood guys! For this console war, Sony released the campaign against the other gaming companies as well with amazing commercials featuring Crash, how could you not love it!

Ever since then, I’ve been hooked and have gotten every Sony console since. Well… every console except the PS4 due to the fact PC gaming has been quite a big thing for me, but that may change now with the latest release from Sony for the 20th anniversary.

Sony has released a beautiful 20th Anniversay PS4 in the original colour scheme as the original PlayStation. They have even released an unboxing video that may have caused a need for me to wipe drool off my keyboard… regardless this is one pretty console.

The console will be available for preorder on December 6th in limited supply, and I may be one of those guys at midnight waiting for the ball to drop to order one of these systems.

What was your experience with PlayStation growing up? Did it change gaming for you, and are you still a Sonyphile after all these years? Comment below, or head to our Facebook to give us your story.