Ottawa Comiccon: Fun and Entertainment for the Whole Family

Ottawa Comiccon: Fun and Entertainment for the Whole Family

February 19, 2016 0 By Jeff Fountain

Now entering their fifth year, Ottawa Comiccon has left its growing pains behind it and is now a premiere event on the Canadian convention circuit. Indeed, even in it’s very first year, amongst cries that is was going to fall flat on its face and fail, Ottawa brought in over twenty thousand people over two days, clearing showing that not only was this pop culture endeavor not going to fail but there was a rabid fan base here ready to embrace the convention and all that it had to offer.Karen_Gillan_-_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_premiere_-_July_2014_(cropped)

The 2016 edition of Ottawa Comiccon, taking place May 13th to 15th at the EY Center, is quickly shaping up to be an event you cannot miss. Already announced guest include Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), John-Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings), John de Lancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Tia Carrere (Relic Hunter) and the most recent addition Alan Tudyk. (Firefly)

There are many things to do for people of all ages as well. On Saturday evening The Masquerade takes place, giving people the chance to show off their costume making skills in numerous different divisions. Shopping for all kinds of geeky delights goes on all three days, ranging from everything from t-shirts to comics to wonderful pieces of art. Also over the three days are some staples of conventions like this that include autographs, photo ops and Q&A’s. Check out the website regularly for updaOCC Logo - Vertical (square)tes on these events, including prices and timetables.

Tickets are now on sale and are also priced and offered in such a way that everyone’s individual needs and schedules can be accommodated. From cheaper prices for the kids to those who want to have the VIP experience, there is really something here for everyone.

Also, there are more than just celebrity guest. Comics will be represented well and there are already a few announced guest including Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Mike Grell (Green Arrow/Green Lantern) and Whilce Portacio (Images Comics Co-founder). Also, cosplaying is a popular activity and Cosplayer Kristen Hughey has been announced as a guest as well.

Whatever your favorite geek pastime is, be it celebrities, comics, cosplaying, collectables or simply just enjoying the atmosphere, Ottawa Comiccon is something you don’t want to miss this year.