Oh, Hell Kickstarter Campaign

Oh, Hell Kickstarter Campaign

April 19, 2014 0 By Michael MacPherson

Their parents have “had it” and ship them off to boarding school. What they don’t know? The school is in Hell and it’s pass/fail.

Since crowdfunding began a couple years ago, Kickstarter has been a great place for ideas to be brought to fruition and many comic artists are using the platform as a means to print comics that may otherwise wouldn’t have been available to the public. As of April 19th, George Wassil is bringing us the chance to support a new comic book called Oh, Hell.

What is Oh, Hell about? Well, it follows a group of teens whose parents have had it with them and ship them off to a boarding school. What they are not aware of is that the boarding school is in Hell, and kids, its pass/fail. The main characters name is Zoel, who began life as a dumpster baby, and she’s still pissed off about it much like everything else in her life, which is why her adoptive parents send her to The Academy for troubled teens.


This comic has a great original story with well-developed characters and the artwork is excellent. The creators of this comic have about 100 pages of story and artwork that you can view on their website Oh Hell Comics.

What are they looking for from their campaign? The project is looking for a goal of $12,500, which will be used to help self-publish and distribute a soft cover edition of Oh, Hell Volume 1. It will be a full color, 8 chapter, 200 page graphic novel. There are the usual perks of supporting the project such as getting a signed copy of Oh, Hell by the writers and artists who worked on it, prints and even some pretty awesome pin-up art from guest artists who worked on the project.

Check out their website or the Kickstarter page to see this excellent project for yourself, its definitely worth checking out. They also have a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.