Murdered: Soul Suspect Launch Trailer

Murdered: Soul Suspect Launch Trailer

June 4, 2014 0 By Marc

The trailer of the new IP by Airtight Games/SquareEnix is here to see.

Have you ever wanted to be a ghost detective? Well now you can! Murdered: Soul Suspect is an adventure/stealth game that follows Detective Ronan O’Connor who was killed by a serial killer, and is now on the hunt to solve not only his own murder, but others in Salem, Massachusetts.

This game has not seen much press lately, but has won a lot of awards such as: 

E3 2013 MVG Most Valuable Game – @GAMER
Most Valuable Game – Official Xbox Magazine
We Love It Award – The Escapist
Best Game You Heard Nothing About – GamesRadar

From the trailer and other stills from the game, it looks like this may be a very interesting new IP for SquareEnix to take a hold of and run with depending on how well the adventure and steal elements mix with the fact that you are a ghost.

Check out the trailer and if you want to play the game you can pick it up now on Steam,, and the SquareEnix Online Store for $59.99USD. It is also available on all major platforms.