Interview with Call to Cosplay Show-Runners

Interview with Call to Cosplay Show-Runners

June 11, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

Walk down an aisle at any comic book convention and you’ll be mesmerized by the attendees decked out in elaborate cosplay. Cosplayers who don costumes from all different platforms. Some perfect the needle and thread part of the craft while others give technology a spin with LED lights. The cream of the crop, the showstoppers, now have somewhere to display their craft and compete with the other elite cosplayers. The show, Call to Cosplay is serious business, combining the fun and workmanship of these creators with their drive and abilities.

The Myx TV show is in its second season and gives the perfect opportunity to chat with CTC judge Brook Lee, general manager Miguel Santos and creator George Chung.


Q&A with judge Brook Lee:

What was your knowledge of cosplay before coming to the show?

My husband works for Roddenberry Entertainment which are the creators of Star Trek, so I have been attending both Comic Con in San Diego as well as a few Star Trek conventions. So I have seen all the different cosplay costumes at the conventions.

What have you learned about cosplay since judging the show?

I have come to appreciate what kind of personal commitment the contestants have when making their costumes. It is one thing to dress up, but it’s a whole other level of dedication when they know what the outfit stands for, why they have a certain type of sword or armor or color of a cape…they are paying tribute to more than just a costume they area marking a kinship with the spirit of the character they choose to emulate.

What is your method to judging, what do you look for?

I’m a showmanship judge which incorporates how the translate the character into their movements both on stage and in photos. Sometimes this can be a LOT harder than it looks, because having to convey complicated emotions for camera and photo has a bit of acting involved and for some of the cosplay contestants after working on construction all day having that time pressure then getting into the costume and selling it can be overwhelming. I don’t profess to be an expert at anime or obscure manga but what I do know from my background is how to perform for the camera…so I look for the cosplay contestants commitment to the character, how they use the costume and how they animate from within…both on stage and in the photos.

call to cosplay cast

If you would do a cosplay, what would you choose to make/wear?

I actually have been intrigued by the idea of the gender bender cosplays where a guy will do his version of Pocahontas etc.. So I think it would be cool to take an idea of a “male” iconic comic book figure like Thanos and make it a hot chic version- would be interesting.

What has been one of the most amazing moments on the show?

Seeing how the contestants constantly come up with costumes given the time constraints and mystery items have been surprising, but honestly I love and have learned so much from the other judges. The cosplay experts know what the contestants are going through and they shed a lot of light on what goes on in the cosplay community.  And Marisa can literally sew anything so I admire her expertise as well.

What do you think the importance of cosplay is?

You know before I started on Call to Cosplay I really thought it was like an extended Halloween experience…and people like to dress up end of story…but after meeting the contestants and seeing their process on WHY they chose the character they did and how they emulate the character it really is more than just costuming, it’s a tribute and almost like a commitment to try to do those characters proud. It is a fascinating community that I have a whole new respect for.

Check out page 2 for an interview with producer Miguel Santos.


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