Interview: Ian Colletti talks AMC’s Preacher

Interview: Ian Colletti talks AMC’s Preacher

June 23, 2017 0 By Jeff Fountain

Recently we had the chance to talk with actor Ian Colletti who talked with us about AMC’s Preacher ahead of its return for season two.

So what was it like auditioning for this role?

Ian: Yeah, it was interesting. I wasn’t very familiar with the comics, this project so when I had a character called Arseface come to me I was immediately intrigued, for obvious reasons. I did my research into the comics and was often shocked by some of the stuff that was in it, how crazy and weird and funny it was and then ended up meeting Seth, Evan and Sam and it was all history from there.

What was your reaction when you read the script, not only for your character but the show overall?

Ian: I was definitely the best pilot I had read all year and since then, every script, every episode kind of up’s the game from the one before, pushes the boundaries of what we can do on TV, what we can do on AMC and I think it just gets more and more wild this season, raising the bar even higher and pushing those boundaries ever further than we did last year.

Do you think your character is the moral compass on the show, especially with most of the characters having very loose morals, to say the least?Preacher-Ian-Colletti

Ian: Yeah, absolutely. I think he has indeed evolved into this moral compass, especially in the first season, he’s one of the few characters that at least attempts to hold Jesse accountable for his reckless behavior and the way he is using the word of God and because of that, he gets sent to Hell, which is fairly harsh consequences for Eugene but yeah, I think he’s definitely a moral compass and I believe this season, for the characters journey, I think it’s really about him kind of understanding himself and we ask some serious moral questions about who he is as a character the characters he interacts with so it will be very interesting.

As an actor, how long did it take to get used to the prosthetics and makeup for Eugene’s face?

Ian: I’m not sure I’ll ever get totally used to it. I think the prosthetic work is incredibly challenging when you have a lot of body fluids getting trapped just about everywhere, it makes it pretty hard to ever forget that you’re actually wearing it. Honestly, when I look in the mirror I’m still, even after a few years now, I’m still amazed at how incredible it looks and how it helps bring the character to life.

So what do you think has made Preacher such a hit with fans?

Ian: You know, in this kind of day and age of TV it’s very hard to stand out, to make something unique but I think they’ve done just that, they’ve made something that’s unlike anything else on TV right now. I think they take a lot of risks and jumps and the first season was almost like a great big setup to explore even crazier stuff in the second season.

Many characters on this show find tpreacher-arseface2hemselves on a mission of some sort. Do you think it’s important that they find an end to their journey or is it simply more about the journey itself?

Ian: Yeah, I think it’s like you said, it’s all about the journey. The Preacher comic is really a travelling road show, they’re going all over the country and the world trying to find God and Garth Ennis created a comic where, from what I understand, had this fascination with all these different genres and classic Americana and so he can explore so many different genres throughout the show and because the nature of it being a journey, not about one single destination you’re allowed to kind of jump tonally and story-wise in a way that’s very interesting.

Did it take long to achieve some sort of chemistry with the other cast members?

Ian: I mean, we’re very lucky to have incredibly talented actors working on this show and we’ve all become great friends and it’s been quite a journey. This season my character has, well I can’t say too much obviously, but some interesting interactions and it’s been quite a joy working with everybody on this show.

I want to thank Ian for taking the time to talk with us

Preacher returns for season two on Sunday,   June 25th at 9 pm on AMC