Happy Mother’s Day from the Set of Horror Film ‘One Drop’

Happy Mother’s Day from the Set of Horror Film ‘One Drop’

May 10, 2015 0 By Jeff Fountain

Ah, the joy of being a mother. Carrying a child for nine months and then giving birth is an experience something men like myself cannot comprehend and women describe as a life changing time of their lives. So, imagine waking up in the basement of some medical facility to discover not only is everyone dead but you are also somehow nine months pregnant. To make matters worse, something not quite human is roaming through the hallways and the only way to survive might be to depend on what is growing inside of you.

Well, that is exactly what is taking place on the set of the horror film, One Drop.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the set of this Tricia Lee directed horror film, talk to some of the actors involved, and Tricia herself, about their experiences on set. Each and every actor had a different viewpoint but one thing was clear, that they were having a great time and were enjoying the shoot immensely with nothing but praise for their director.

Mark Taylor has been impressed with his first job in horror. ‘There are a lot of big things happening in this movie and it’s been such a great learning experience. Tricia makes it so comfortable for the actors which is half the battle right there.’11246110_1438992749729782_842900035_n

Veteran actor Julian Richings quickly noticed how this movie was a little different than most. ‘It’s a very interesting movie, it comes from a different viewpoint, a sort of skewered perspective with our lead actress pregnant and not sure where the baby comes from or what it is. There is so much going on, not just blood and gore, and Tricia is there like the island of calm amongst the storm.’

The pregnant woman in question is played by Lara Gilchrist and she had a little different take on the movie.’I love the humor of it, it’s funny moments to go with the buckets of blood and Tricia, it’s so strange to see her so centered and calm while at the same time having all these crazy, gross things on her brain!’

Another veteran actor Torri Higginson, is taking her first steps into the world of horror and likes what she sees. ‘Of course, not having done a horror film I thought I’d just come in, do some screaming, maybe get covered in blood and it would be easy. I was very happy and relieved to find out this movie was so much more. Tricia is very demanding and precise, all in a good way on both what she wants and how she wants us as actors to explore that emotional arc if you will.’

Benjamin Arthur, who ha20150422090124-Tricia_headshot_squares done a lot of work in television, was also impressed with his first look at both doing a movie and entering the world of horror. ‘It is such a great story and the characters are not simply disposable, there is a lot more there than meets the eye. Also, Tricia understands how to talk to actors, how to speak the language if you will and it makes for a much more fun and collaborative effort for everyone.’

Director Tricia Lee also seems pleased with the progress so far. ‘Things are going great. It’s awesome to see the set come together, the cast bringing the characters to life, it’s been a long process to get here but it’s nice to see all the hard work come together in front of my eyes.’

The indie horror film life is not for everyone. It takes years sometimes to get a finished script together and then get the funding needed to make the film. Once you get past that hurdle, then you have to find locations, build sets and work and an incredibly condensed schedule for example, One Drop is on a 19 day shooting schedule. That takes a special kind of commitment from everyone, both in front of and behind the camera.

One thing is certain, if you are a fan of horror you won’t want to miss this movie when it comes to a theater near you.

Check out their Facebook page for the latest information on the movie and the indiegogo campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bring-one-drop-s-creatures-back-from-the-dead