Rockstar GTA Online Money Glitch

Rockstar GTA Online Money Glitch

December 22, 2013 0 By Ben Sisko

Modification crime sprees resulting in large sums of GTA Online money will not be tolerated by Rockstar and for good reason. The gaming company stands to lose actual income from these GTA online money glitches and players who find massive cash gaining exploits because Rockstar sells their virtual currency for actual currency.

The company has been correcting the problem both with updates and purging players who use modifications to a cheaters realm when they’re discovered. Their bad sport philosophy is to ensure a rewarding gamer experience by removing modded players and probably to protect their bottom line too.

Besides suffering from modders, Los Santos’s economy has been turned upside down by a player giving away money, they are rumored to have modded a robbery and is giving away the proceeds of the crime. The recipients are not in on the modification, making it difficult for Rockstar to respond.

It’s fascinating in a virtual crime world someone is making like Santa and engaging in wealth redistribution. Will this virtual wealth distribution, especially if other players begin to take up the 1% cause, damage Rockstar’s actual bottom line if the receiver can’t be discovered?

Geek Chic Elite’s own Ben Sisko has now received half a billion from this unnamed source.