Go Home Nintendo – You’re Drunk

Go Home Nintendo – You’re Drunk

April 24, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

Drunk Hunt, Castle-Vodka, The Legend of Drink – wait a minute – these aren’t actual video game titles! Oh, but they do exist, thanks to a small company called Ink Whiskey, who turned to Kickstarter some months back in order to make their dreams come true. Which dreams, you ask? Why, the dream of being able to drink liquor out of an original Nintendo cartridge!

Before I continue, yes, this is real life.

I don’t remember how I found out about Ink Whiskey’s Kickstarter, though it’s safe to say it was probably through some kind of social media platform. Their idea was a smart one; find a supplier that’ll recreate the look of an original Nintendo cartridge but modify it so that inside it’ll hold whatever contents strike your fancy. Prototypes were drawn on bar napkins, ideas were Frankensteined together and one day, Matt Cornell, the inventor of the Ink Whiskey Entertainment flask had it all worked out. You can read about their entire process here. What took a better part of the year of work finally culminated when their Kickstarter went live in October of 2013. They were fully funded, surpassing their original goal of $12,000 and were able to amass over $39,000 to bring Cornell’s idea to life.

Your choice of five different awesome titles!

Your choice of five different awesome titles!

Now, not only is this an awesome idea, but it’s a must have for all nostalgic gamers such as myself. When I visited the Kickstarter page and saw a flask titled “DRUNK HUNT”, a play on the popular Duck Huntthat I’m sure a lot of us played as kids, I had to have it. There was absolutely no question about it. I was getting something cool and contributing to someone’s ultimate goal of starting a small company that produces game-themed flasks, so why not?

That’s the great thing about Kickstarter, because things are created by people passionate enough to watch their dream come to life, whether it’s filming a documentary, opening a restaurant, or in this case, making a Nintendo-shaped flask to give us all those nostalgic feelings.

Today was the day; I received my flask in the mail and it’s everything that I expected it to be. It looks great, it’s label is colorful and attractive and made from vinyl (so just don’t scrub at the flask to clean it… namely the label part) and it even came with a small thank you card and instructions for a drinking game.

If you are in the market for a great gift for that gamer in your life that also likes to partake in some drinks once in a while, there’s no question that you have to get this. You can buy it online from their store and they’ll be attending some conventions this year where you will even be able to purchase their exclusive convention-only “Legend of Drink” gold flask.

So whether you are going to get Drunk Hunt, Castle-Vodka, Legend of Drink, Bar Hop Bros. or Metal Beer, just remember you’ll be supporting a small company that worked hard for the results they wanted to give gamers what they want most – a cartridge-shaped flask all your friends can be jealous of.

Find Ink Whiskey on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Visit Ink Whiskey at a convention to pick up the limited-edition Gold "Legend of Drink" flask!

Visit Ink Whiskey at a convention to pick up the limited-edition Gold “Legend of Drink” flask!