Geeks of the Round Table: Most Wanted Games of 2015

Geeks of the Round Table: Most Wanted Games of 2015

July 13, 2015 0 By Tim Finch

Geeks of the Round Table is a regular feature where writers for GCE will give their opinions on a current topic or event in geek culture.


Now that E3 is wrapped up yet still fresh in everyone’s minds, tell the readers what video game(s) you’re most excited about in the latter half of 2015. It can be anything, even games that weren’t featured at E3.


While everybody else is trying to make the summer last, I’m pretty much wishing it away while waiting for Until Dawn (US Release: August 25th 2015; UK Release: August 26th 2015).

Geeks of the Round TableAs if the initial trailers weren’t enough to spark interest, the gameplay footage from this year’s E3 has left me itching to get stuck in. The game is set on a remote mountain retreat, where 8 friends suddenly realise that they may not be alone. The outcome and direction of the game revolve around every decision you make – even the seemingly inconsequential ones. It bases itself on a ‘Butterfly Effect’ and the idea that I won’t be going in a predestined direction before I begin to play is something that I love. It sounds like the kind of game you get emotionally invested in – and for me, they are always the best.

Supermassive Games are using an updated version of the Killzone Shadow Fall engine, which means that both the graphics and audio are going to be extremely realistic – if you don’t believe me, just check out a gameplay trailer on YouTube! The facial expressions and features look wonderfully realistic.

Interacting with objects and items on screen isn’t just a matter of tapping buttons either. Supermassive have made good use of the PS4 controllers motion sensor devices meaning to rotate an object in your hand or to direct the beam of your flashlight, you have to turn your controller as you would your hands. I’m hoping it’s going to be one of those games that I think about even when I’m grocery shopping or brushing my teeth – like a really good book or TV series. It’s always good to get a game you can really sink your teeth into

The released footage gives the impression that it has a sort of ‘Saw’ theme going on, which will also lead to unexpected twists and turns in the story. With horror games, I’m usually pretty fussy – it takes a careful balance of suspense, gore and of course, a well-constructed story-line to really make the grade for me. So far, Supermassive look like they may just have ticked all the boxes with this one.

Fingers crossed Until Dawn is going to be one of those games I play alone, in the dark, in my carefully constructed pillow-fort – I’ll just be sure to empty my bladder first!


Listening to Laura drool over Until Dawn and its innovative use of controllers and gameplay makes me feel like an old man, especially when my pick is from a tried and tested EA sports franchise. If this article were written last week my choice would have easily been Arkham Knight but right now there can only be one choice:  FIFA 16 is the game I am most excited about for 2015. FIFA 16 will be released across all platforms September 22nd.

For those who are unaware, the annually released FIFA franchise is  Electronics Arts licensed football simulator. When I say football I mean the real football think World Cup, English Premier League, MLS, Messi, Pele, and maybe even Landon Donovan.

While Laura had some interesting features and gameplay notes to entice you over to her side. I know very little about the changes in this new FIFA. One thing of note is this will be the first iteration to feature the Women’s National Teams or women in general which is a big milestone for the franchise.

Geeks of the Round TableHowever, FIFA to me is not about the new features or the new gameplay; they will get a few changes right while laughably bungling others (Google: FIFA fails). FIFA is about the competition. The rivalry. Knowing that come every September you will unwrap that plastic, stick that disc in and fight to death (of a controller or three). The game will be familiar but different requiring you to adjust. Your favorite teams and players will be back but with new ways to use them. We will all be beginners again scrambling to adapt strategies, change formations to find a way to win.

My best friend and I play FIFA every year to decide who is the champion of that version. Sometimes the warfare continues right up until September if the competition is close other times someone finds a niche and it’s game over. COUGH FIFA 15 COUGH I dominated.

Football is the world’s most popular sport with the world’s most fanatical and passionate fans. It follows that the FIFA franchise is the most popular sports game franchise that invokes many a passionate match both offline and online with friends as well as strangers. I look forward to September when I can jump into it again, hear people argue about it on the streets and get in a game or two at the barber shop.


For me, summer has always been the time to enjoy last year’s games and clear the slate clean before fall comes. Fall and early winter have always treated me to something big, and usually something that has me on the edge of my seat waiting not quite so patiently.

This year’s can’t miss release for me absolutely one hundred percent is Star Wars Battlefront 3. I am a die hard Star Wars fan, all the way back to Star Wars on the Super Nintendo, through Dark Forces, Knights of the Old Republic, if it was Star Wars related I’d be there to greet it. Battlefront for me personally became a bigger draw than any other of the those titles (apologies to Knights of the Old Republic fans) but Battlefront was big, bold and you could get into a big time online scrap using some of your favorite weapons and vehicles.

Geeks of the Round TableFrom the onset of the latest generation of gaming I had said someone needs to bring Battlefront back, and even more so after playing the latest Battlefield entry, I have said that if you just skin Star Wars over top of it, it would be an instant blockbuster. Well Battlefront is back and it is  big, beautiful and ready to take on some massive online battles. To take the Star Wars franchise and mix it with next generation graphics and online capabilities can online lead to one thing, absolute glorious victory.

There is nothing better than to get online and be given the chance to experience something like the Battle of Hoth with forty player online capability, that’s a huge number and can lead to some serious insanity. Not to mention the ability to play as some of your favourite characters like Luke, Han, Vader. The possibilities in the online multiplayer just makes me want it more, rather than the ‘you had me at Star Wars’ level of intrigue.

Mark November 17th on your calendar because the Force will be very strong that day.


Despite the fact that I’m looking forward to FIFA 16 and Star Wars Battlefront 3, the game that really stands out and promises to be one of (if not) the best of the current console generation, is in fact Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This installment in the Metal Gear Solid franchise promises to finally bridge the storylines and provide the full circle satisfaction that we’ve all be waiting for.

We all played Snakeater, right? A brilliant, intricate and very well made stealth game. Well, Snakeater hasn’t aged very well at all. The controls are hard to get used to, the graphics are tacky, and it really looks its’ age. Phantom Pain is the upgrade. Some of the best graphics on this generation. It’s suitably moody and atmospheric. This applies to the aesthetic and the style of the game. What draws me to it so much is how it promises to be the darkest installment.

Geeks of the Round TableIn case you don’t remember, we got the prequel-cum-beta Ground Zeroes. It was a preview of what kind of game Phantom Pain would be, and boy was it perfect. It was so dark and incredible. It became my favourite Metal Gear Solid game because it felt like the culmination of the series. Hideo Kojima, the game’s ‘director’, has created a series that evolves very well with the times and really knows the market.

Along with the close-quarters stealth, the open world aspect of this game is MGS’s most expansive yet and it adds a whole other factor to the game that fans have yet to get a real taste of. The complaints of the length and frequency of cutscenes is now irrelevant as there are now less, and the game in fact prompts the player to be more active than passive.

As I said, the graphics look beautiful. The environments really look magnificent through the Fox Engine. Along with this, Kiefer Sutherland is our main protagonist, the game is said to include an 80’s soundtrack featuring ‘Kids In America’ and ‘In The Air Tonight’. With all these new features and advancements, Kojima has not forgotten story. The journey of our ‘protagonist’ looks to be fully explored and developed here. There’s still time before its September release to catch up on the series. It really is something special; a massive combination of stealth, story, authenticity, supernatural elements, stellar voice acting and homaging.

What games are you most excited about in the 2nd half of 2015? Do you share the same sentiments are our writers, or was there a game not mentioned that deserves attention? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

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