GCE Exclusive: Interview with Anna Silk

GCE Exclusive: Interview with Anna Silk

January 14, 2014 1 By Steph Mernagh

We caught up with the actress while she was filming season 4 of the Lost Girl series.

Who doesn’t love Anna Silk portraying Bo in the hit television series, Lost Girl? Back to filming only months after giving birth to her lovely baby boy Sam (who is absolutely adorable!), we caught up with the new mother to talk season 4, her character Bo, and of course, family life!

What can you tell us about season four?

Not much! It’s a very closely guarded season. It’s kind of tough to talk about. It’s been a really fun season to shoot. The end of season three we all got pulled apart and gearing up into season four we are going to see the aftermath of that and what it lead to and how it ultimately all comes back together. Sort of. It just might not be the same as people have seen it before. We always continue to have our writers and producers come up with great ideas, so I always look forward to reading each new episode. They’re always coming up with something fun, interesting and different. I feel like we always raise the bar a little bit from where we were in the previous season with the characters and their relationships.

How far in advance do you get to see the scripts?

Not that far. We will be shooting an episode and the next script might come out halfway through shooting or maybe in the first quarter. The way that I work is that I read the new script on the weekend. If I do it partway through the week it makes me too confused. I want to try and stay in the episode I’m in and then leave what’s coming up for later.

Is it hard not to look ahead and see what’s in store for Bo?

Yes! When the finale landed on my desk I wanted to jump right to the last page but I didn’t. I’m waiting until Saturday and then I’ll read the whole thing from beginning to end and discover it that way.

Anna Silk as Bo the Succubus Image Source: Showcase

Anna Silk as Bo the Succubus
Image Source: Showcase

Do you think it would be harder on the way you develop your character if you read too far ahead?

There’s certain things that you need to know in terms of the arc of the season; you need to know a little bit about where you are going. I like to know to a degree, but I don’t want to know every detail. I want to experience the detail during filming.

Are you excited to see the progression of Bo and how she changes and continues to develop?

Bo is a character that only ever had room for growth. She started out like a seedling in the world of Fae because she was so new and everything has grown and grown and branched out; she developed and changed and she’s beginning to realize that she’s a key player in the Fae world and I’m curious to see how that goes. I like the tree analogy actually because they’re so strong but at the same time so vulnerable.

Is there anything specific you want to see from Bo?

I would really love to see her realize her full potential in the Fae world and how she deals with that and what it means to her and how it affects her relationships.

What was it about Bo that attracted you to the role?

The original concept for Bo was actually very different than what they ended up doing in the end. I was brought into the audition process very late in the game. My take on Bo when I first read the script was that—when you get an audition, you get a script and you get a character breakdown. That breakdown was that she was strong and tough and this and that. When I read the script I didn’t see any of that. What I saw was her being afraid and vulnerable and having to overcome that to be strong. That resonated a lot in me and drew me to her. If someone is just strong and tough, it has to be based in something. Bo’s strength was based in a lot about mystery.

Anna, her husband and baby Sam. Image Credit: Huffington Post

Anna, her husband and baby Sam.
Image Source: Huffington Post

How are you coping now juggling the season of filming and your personal life?

It has been a little bit of a nutty season. It actually worked out a lot more smoothly than I thought it would. First, I have an amazing, mellow baby [Sam] and a really supportive husband. My mother was here for some time helping, too. My husband is obviously still here helping and the balance of both has been interesting. It worked out a lot better than I thought. I need a nap, but that’s about it!

Thank you, Anna! Be sure to follow her on Twitter at @Anna_Silk and catch Lost Girl on SyFy at 8/7C or Showcase at 10PM ET/PT.