‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season Four Finale Review: A Fitting End to a Disappointing Season

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season Four Finale Review: A Fitting End to a Disappointing Season

October 7, 2018 0 By Jeff Fountain

The season started with a bang, quickly moved to a whimper and the finale was a fitting death. What could have been an interesting and exciting season became painful and frighteningly dumb, killing off characters, ignoring others and bringing Morgan aboard as the new ‘face’ of the show was a good idea but his character failed to live up to the initial promise.

In the season four finale “…I Lose Myself”, Morgan decides to go track down Crazy Martha and try and save her, because in his bizarre way of thinking, it makes so much sense to try and save her from herself instead of staying with the group. There is a lot to be said for someone trying to help another, but when she is intent on killing people and doesn’t want to be saved, I think it’s time to throw in the towel, don’t you?

Speaking of killing people yeah, Crazy Martha poisons the water at Polar Bear truck stop with antifreeze and this part of the episode, the ridiculous ethanol/beer solution, kills an interesting bit of drama and pretty much sums up season four of Fear the Walking Dead. Interesting ideas, good setups for tension and drama, killed not by walkers, but ridiculous bits of writing that left some really good actors hung out to dry.

So much time was wasted on things that took precious time away from those that deserved it. I mean, how long can we talk about asshat Jimbo and his beer? Seriously, what is with that storyline? If you want to do a plot arc involving alcohol let’s use Strand, who was seriously underused this year, along with others, in order to push some very questionable storylines forward. Alicia started coming into her own, then was shut down. New characters like John, June, and Maggie, once front and center, got pushed aside for Morgan, the truck stop crew, Jimbo and of course, his beer.

I would venture to say that “…I Lose Myself” is a great example of all the good ideas that went straight down the crapper. A good collection of people, brought together by Morgan to head for Alexandria, instead decide to abandon that and stay where they are to help local people because that has worked so well so far. Killing off Nick was one thing, as the actor wanted to move on, but Madison…annoying as she could be, she was the heart and soul that moved them forward. Scott Gimple, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg seemed to have a new plan that didn’t involve Madison and by pushing Morgan front and center, they created a whole new collection of problems.

As in the finale, which was chock full of clichés and bad character moments, in turn, due to the horrific writing, the season felt like more like a death march. I have no clue now where they intend to take this show and how they feel they can keep things status quo. To be honest, the season finale felt more like a series finale and that really makes me sad. I used to love watching this show, now it has left me confused, angry and disappointed. Maybe there is a bigger, and hopefully better, plan out there, I mean one can always hope, right? But for now, the finale put the exclamation mark on a disappointing season, one that started off with such promise and ended so lifeless and flat.

Series Finale: Two stars out of five

Season Four: Two and a half stars out of five