Fear the Walking Dead – Not Fade Away – Recap

Fear the Walking Dead – Not Fade Away – Recap

September 21, 2015 0 By Marc

For those not watching the Emmy’s tonight, you got to see a show start to stand on its own two feet.

For the first 3 episodes for FTWD you didn’t see very much happening, and what you did see was a little slow, and drawn out. With the show now in its 4th episode you finally start to see what the show will really be all about, and the lines are starting to be drawn between “good” and “evil”.

With the military quarantining off sections of the city the inhabitants of the zone are trying to get back to normal, whatever that normal may be. This relaxation is forced though with each character knowing that something is deeply wrong with the whole situation, and having them also have to deal with the existing struggles that are still fresh from pre-outbreak.

Nick is still recovering from his heroin addiction and instead of taking his pills as his mother almost killed herself getting, is now finding other ways to get around the pain and still get his fix. This is causing some major turmoil between him and his mother, considering she has sacrificed so much just to ensure that he is alive and well throughout this entire situation they are in. Travis has now become “Mr. Mayor” which Lt. Moyers now calls him, and is set to ensure that Travis can talk down one of the locals that is refusing to get checked out. Travis does so, but is very reluctant to do much outside of his comfort zone.

The real drama of the episode surrounds the new doctor that is sent in to do routine health inspections to those within the confines of the protected zone, as well as a mysterious flashing light that is seen in the distance by Chris when he is sitting on the roof of his home.

Dr. Exner (Sandrine Holt) is sent in by the military to do routine checkups on all the residence of the fenced in area, ensuring that everyone is taken care of and not at risk of hurting anyone. She comes across as a caring, good person that just wants to do her job as a medical professional, even coming to visit Nick and ensure that his recovery is smooth.

As it turns out though all of these checkups are to see who needs to be taken away from the safe zone to a “Medical Centre” to ensure they get the best help. The first patient to go is Griselda to get her foot taken care of, with the approval of Daniel going with her. Next is Nick, beyond the approval or knowledge of his family at all. A fight breaks out as the family tries to stop the soldiers from taking Nick, but they are no match for the armed men. Even Liza who is helping Dr.Exner with patients pleading to not let them take Nick, fails to do so and and goes with the soldiers and Exner to the Medical Centre.

The light in the distant home is another concern as well. Chris told his father of this and was shrugged off, while Madison who seems to have a head on her shoulders, believes Chris and goes outside of the wall to see what is really out there. What she discovers is shocking, and really opens her eyes to what is going on in the world right now. Travis being the weak one, tells what Chris saw to Moyers, and is told to forget about it and move on.

The episode wraps up with an emotionally beaten down Travis after his son is taken away, sitting up on the roof staring out into the black of the city. He sees the light, he then sees gunfire, and all is black again. This may be the wake-up call Travis needs to finally stand on his own, and become a leading force for the community and his family. Madison cannot stand alone and take on all the weight of the family, and the oncoming storm that is outside of the fence.

This episode is exactly what the show needed, a nice mix of drama and action. Also with with Walking Dead tradition, you can carry a whole episode set in the zombie apocalypse without a since zombie in the episode. Great work, and I hope to see much more like this.