“Too Far Gone” Walking Dead Mid Season Finale

“Too Far Gone” Walking Dead Mid Season Finale

December 2, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

Tonight was the Walking Dead mid-season finale and all we can say is, “Did you see that one coming?”

This is a warning that this post contains FULL SPOILERS for the mid-season finale, as well as previous episodes. If you haven’t yet seen the episode, stop here!

Everyone knew going into this episode that it wasn’t going to end well. The Governor is back and with more forces, hellbent on getting that prison. The reason is clear: for a long time the Governor said that the prison wasn’t a safe place. Now he wants it because Rick has it, not necessarily what protection it had to offer. Of course, the Governor’s concern was with the hoard, as mentioned in the beginning of the episode. (I always thought a moat would be a good idea, but he does have a point…)


If you are a fan of the Walking Dead comics, you knew this episode was coming and perhaps subsequently some of the events. With each passing episode even back on Hershel’s farm, I wondered when he might go. He became a staple in the group though, and the group needed them. During the episode of Talking Dead, guest Robert Kirkman admitted to the audience that Hershel wasn’t even supposed to see the end of season two.

In the episode we see Hershel and Michonne kidnapped by the Governor and used as a bargaining chip to try and get the prison without any blood being spilled. Did the Governor always have the idea in his head that no matter what there would be bloodshed? Did anyone get the feeling that if they did decide to all move into the prison the show would turn into a rather comedic ‘Odd Couple’ season?

“I’m drawing a line down the center of this prison a la 'I Love Lucy'. You stay on your side and I’ll stay on my side.”

“I’m drawing a line down the center of this prison a la ‘I Love Lucy’. You stay on your side and I’ll stay on my side.”

Rick stood his ground and it was a bad choice. Attempting to sway the Governor’s new followers into seeing that they could all potentially share the same place, he becomes enraged, and like it plays out with Tyreese in the comic books, he takes Michonne’s sword and cuts into Hershel’s neck. I’m sure the collective gasps, shouts and screams could be heard all over and it was then that twitter blew up.

“Father. Farmer. Doctor. Friend. RIP Hershel.” read some tweets, while others used #FictionalDeathsIWillNeverGetOver and #RIPHershel began trending almost immediately on the social network.

But, it wasn’t long before Twitter saw some new tweets and hashtags:

“He can do what Rick can’t and be a badass #RIPGovernor”
“Goodbye One Eye Bry!”
“#RIPGovernor except not really #RotInHell”

That’s right. The moment some fans have been waiting for, and some have been dreading for some time. During a brawl with Rick in which the Governor was getting the upper hand, strangling the former sheriff, Michonne was sure to take vengeance, plunging her katana straight through the Governor’s chest, and saving Rick from a very, very close call.

Did I mention there was also a very close call with Daryl? Busy taking out the Governor’s militia, a walker approaches behind him and I’m sure everyone was on the edge of their seat. But don’t worry, the walker was dispatched, then used as a shield as Daryl advanced on the men and oh yeah, took out a tank single handedly. I don’t know if the Dixon fanclub can handle much more badassery!

There’s so much going on, you’ll have to watch this episode a couple times to comprehend it all. Did that little girl just shoot someone in the head? Who is driving the bus? Was that the crazy lady that kept her husband’s head from the woods a couple episodes back? And who is the psychopath performing autopsies on animals? What happened to baby Judith? Dead and gone or rescued?

The group has been torn apart; it seems that we are going to see a return to the comics as Rick and Carl spend their time healing. I’m more than sure Rick’s already fragile mental state will need it. But where is everyone going to go? Will they journey on into the comic books world of the Alexandria safe zone outside of Washington DC in Virginia? There are so many questions and so very long until the season returns to air again.

Following the episode and on the Talking Dead guest star Robert Kirkman was asked why Hershel received such a violent death. He replied, “I feel that the most beloved characters deserve the most violent of deaths.”

What did you think of the mid-season finale? Have your opinion heard in the comments section!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC at 9/8C on February 9, 2014.