FANomenon: A Journey Into the World of Fangirls

FANomenon: A Journey Into the World of Fangirls

October 10, 2013 1 By Steph Mernagh

Step aside, boys. This time, it’s all about the fangirls.

It might not seem like it, but being a female in the geek world can be hard. There are many that toss the ‘fake geek’ label on women and don’t give us a chance, but there are so many more that do not. Some women, even now for fear of ridicule, are afraid to let their geek flag fly, but so many more are beginning to open up and see that it’s completely alright.

Now there is someone who would like to shine some light on women in geekdom; director Lynne Carter. Carter is making her directorial debut with FANomenon which centers around a female sci-fi junkie that goes on a quest to meet a fictional space explorer, Stargate: Atlantis’ Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, played by actor Joe Flanigan.

But Suzie Beckner, the retail worker that the documentary follows, was not the only female fan that Stargate managed to grasp and drag in. Among the fans is also Lynne Carter, who found a rerun of Stargate on her television on a rare day off and as they say, the rest is history.

“I became such a fan of the show,” she said. “I did what I do with anything – I immersed myself in it. I bought the box set, watched all the episodes and all the behind the scenes materials. I went onto eBay and bought back issues of Stargate: Atlantis magazines and then discovered there were stand-alone novels, written away from the TV show and not a continuation of the series. To this day I am annoyed that I wasn’t in on it all from the beginning.”

But it didn’t stop there. Carter found herself tapping into the Internet, eventually finding a small community that shared the same interest—that was Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and only coming in second, Joe Flanigan and not the other way around. It was only after this, finding a place where she truly felt comfortable and of course attending some conventions when Carter realized she had so much material at hand to make a documentary that had never been done before. It was also within this small community that she met the person who would be the star of this documentary.

It’s a fantastic look into the world of fangirls and particularly Suzie Beckner, whose life in rural Virginia left her only to dream of meeting a celebrity like Joe Flanigan who is in attendance (and making many guests day, both male and female) at many conventions worldwide.

The media has so long taken a look into the world of fanboys (read: the 2009 film of the same name that takes a look into Star Wars fanatics) that Carter knew she had to bring some light onto the female side of things. It took just about half a century for filmmaker Lynne Carter to first find her inner geek and then progressively go public with it. As a direct result, FANomenon advocates on behalf of female fans like her everywhere with the aim of delivering several messages.

You can catch FANomenon: A Journey Into the World of Fangirls on Global this Saturday, October 12th at 8PM ET/PT.