‘Evolve’ is Darwinism at Its Finest

‘Evolve’ is Darwinism at Its Finest

May 31, 2015 0 By EVA


At most times, it is a word that causes the fire of scientific curiosity to flare into life.

Sometimes, it causes those stout believers of higher powers to scowl and move away from the speaker.

Now, to a small subset of gamers, it is both an instruction, a curse word, and a source of endless entertainment.

Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, published by 2K Games, and distributed by Take Two Interactive, this first person shooter is the classic ‘beat the baddie before they beat you’ scenario, with just a little twist added on to make the game interesting. Four players take control of a contingent of armed Hunters that go up against an alien Monster with a slew of weapons, strategies, and gadgets to help them along, and there’s only one twist that you may not have seen coming.

This Monster is actually a fifth player.

The game is ended in one of three ways: by the Hunters successfully killing the Monster, by the Monster killing all four Hunters, or by the Monster completing a secondary objective like destroying a human base or power plant. Both the Hunters and the Monster can kill local wildlife to power themselves up, but while the Hunters merely acquire new weapons and abilities, the Monster’s power scheme is a unique form of leveling up that gives the game its name. After killing enough wildlife, the Monster can spin itself a cocoon and gestate inside for a set amount of time before bursting out in a new form. Although vulnerable during this time, the acquisition of new skills, powers, and deadly organic weapons is well worth the risk.


In addition to this, the environment itself can be turned against either party in Evacuation mode, which is a series of five matches played one right after the other. It plays just like the other modes of Evolve, excepting the fact that previous matches decide the handicaps and advantages for every subsequent match. If, for example, the Monster destroyed a human chemical plant in match one, match two might see the field of play covered in a noxious gas that is poisonous to humans but empowering to whatever life-form the Monster is at the time.

There are four Monsters revealed thus far that one can play as: the Behemoth, a mountain of a Monster made of rocks, the Wraith, a ghost-like Monster that carries a scythe, the Kraken, a bipedal Monster with a forked tail and sharp claws, and Goliath, a lizard Monster with a fire blazing in its chest.

Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and each will have to be played differently if one wishes to conquer over the Hunters.

Now whose ready to make some science?