Eichenwalde Map Preview

Eichenwalde Map Preview

August 16, 2016 0 By Marc

Overwatch gets it’s first new map since its release earlier this year. 

This map brings some different elements into the standard escort the payload maps that we currently have in the game. It revolves around escorting a battering ram through the ruins of Eichenwalde to recover the bones of the hero Balderich von Alder, and using this ram to gain entry into the castle itself. It appears to be a reverse Kings Row, where you start with the ram and then abandon it for a point capture at the end.

The map itself is beautiful showing a Post-Omnic war-zone and the growth that has overtaken it since the end of the war. There are broken Omnic soldiers scattering the field as well as great looking half ruined German village.

There also some hidden Blizzard easter eggs in the map as well. There is a very familiar looking skull on one of the walls, as well as the bones of Balderich von Alder are in a very familiar pose… if you did not catch these easter eggs, the photos of them are below.




There is no release date for the map, but It may be in for Season 2 which will start next month.