‘Ei8ht’ Challenges Time Itself

‘Ei8ht’ Challenges Time Itself

March 7, 2015 0 By Jeff Fountain

Even with many parts of Ei8ht feeling familiar, both in story and artwork, there was something unique about the comic that held my interest from start to finish. The reader is given just information to pique their curiosity and enjoy the art while they tag along with the main character in his search for… well, everything.

We are introduced to Joshua, the apparent protagonist of the story, sent on a secret mission that covers seemingly vast distances of time and space. He lands on an unknown world with little memory of who he is and what is doing there.

ei8htBefore you can say here comes the bad guys, he meets a woman named Nila and her crew of not so nice individuals. Joshua is taken captive and the reader gets his first but brief view of the Meld in all its apocalyptic glory.

As I mentioned earlier, the story had this familiar tone while I was reading it, sort of like a Mad Max meets Terminator vibe, which in itself is not a bad thing. But writers Rafael Alburquerque and Mike Johnson aren’t interested in copying anything and the story reflects that, taking that familiar background story and adding some interesting twists to it to make it their own.

I really have to hand it to Alburquerque, he is definitely jack of all trades in this comic. While sharing the story credit, the artwork and colors are all his and they are striking. The shading, the textures and depths of colors give the comic a very strong look and an almost ominous tone and feel.

The whole look of the comic seems to blend perfectly with the story, which at this early stage in more of a collection of small bits of information than anything. Nothing is given away in terms of story but many things are hinted at, leaving the reader to ponder the many paths and fates that await Joshua on this planet and in the Meld.

While the setup for this story is done very well, one has to wonder how the creators will keep the story line fresh and interesting. The look of a comic can distract a reader for only so long and if the story collapses then even that will begin to look less interesting than it did in the beginning.

Still, the story of Joshua and the world in Ei8ht is something I highly recommend you check out. Alburquerque and company have started us out on what looks like a very interesting journey and I can’t wait to see what comes next.