The Dune Movie That Never Was

The Dune Movie That Never Was

February 25, 2014 0 By Marc

The film that could have revolutionized sci-fi, and changed the way we created movies.

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a Chilean-French filmmaker who was known for creating avant-garde films. Jodorowsky wanted to take on the huge task of adapting Frank Herbert’s Dune to film. This movie would have changed the way sci-fi was brought to film, and could have dwarfed Star Wars if ever made. The cast was to include greats like Salvador Dali and Orson Wells, some of the music was to be composed by Pink Floyd. The art and style of the film was drawn up by Jean Girard (Creator of Fifth Element) and the incredible H.R. Geiger who went on to be well known for the creation of the alien from the film Alien. The movie fell through and was never made, but what we do have is a documentary about the project and what could have been.

Jodorowsky and his team of “spiritual warriors” as they were called, worked tirelessly day and night on a film that would never be. They created paintings, costumes, over 3,000 storyboards and an incredible script.

“For me, Dune will be the coming of a god. I wanted to make something sacred, free, with new perspective. Open the mind!” said Jodorowky of the film.

Watch the trailer for the documentary and let us know your thoughts.

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