Doctor Doom Rules in Secret Wars #2

Doctor Doom Rules in Secret Wars #2

May 19, 2015 0 By Michael MacPherson

secretwars2So now that Jonathan Hickman has successfully destroyed the Marvel Universe as we know it, its time to introduce us to the long hyped and awaited Battleworld which will end up being pieces of the universes that have been destroyed, pieced together into one final universe. Instead of easing our way into the brave new world that Hickman and Marvel are creating, we take a headlong dive right into one of the provinces and in the execution of that they have continued to create a compelling, exciting event. Secret Wars has been nothing short of excellent, and most of my previous fears and reservations about destroying the known Marvel Universe and rebuilding it have been set aside, for now.

(Some minor spoilers follow)

Hickman takes us right into the action of the Thor Corps, much like the Green Lantern Corps, guard the new world that is ruled over by none other than Doctor Doom. He is regarded as a God and rules the world high above from the World Tree; his throne almost looks like the Iron Throne albeit made of wood. Castle Doom acts as the capital of local provinces and we are treated to how Doom metes out justice from high atop his throne. There is a lot going on in this second issue with all the world building, but you don’t feel like you are being overwhelmed with information or the religion involved. Old characters are here though they are in new forms which still feel recognizable but new and fresh enough to be interesting to follow them. For example, Doctor Strange embraces his old self of order, science and medicine versus magic. Mister Sinister is the ruling Baron over a neighbouring province of Bar Sinister but his personality hasn’t been tweaked to much and fits so perfectly in his new role. The characters don’t feel out of place, and the action and story progresses at a wonderful pace throughout the oversized issue.

Just as we get to the point where we find ourselves comfortable with where we are heading in Battleworld, Hickman reminds us that there are other things at play here other than just the inhabitants of the new world, with refugees from the old universe taking the stage and setting the overall story further into motion.

With any great story, it really helps the proceedings if the art is equally great to match. Secret Wars has been no slouch in the slightest for great artwork. Esad Ribic has been doing a marvelous job putting together densely packed panels of detail and scenes that are just brilliant that sell the story to a higher degree. The action is fantastic and even the smallest panels have the most minute details which shows that Ribic is in fine form with this series. Not only is the art inside fantastic, but once again we have a great cover, this time completed by the legendary Alex Ross.

The Secret Wars event has all the markings so far of Marvel’s biggest and most daring event since Civil War, and at this point we are only two issues into the main story, not to mention all the other tie-ins and Secret Wars related stories that are yet to be told. For now, I am still excited and waiting for the next surprise in the unveiling of Battleworld and all the secrets it holds.