Destiny: House of Wolves, Trials of Osiris Review

Destiny: House of Wolves, Trials of Osiris Review

May 31, 2015 0 By EVA

The Trials of Osiris is easily the best addition that House of Wolves introduced. Like most FPS titles, it’s the PvP that really holds those games together. While Destiny certainly has far more to do in the PvE world than games such as the Call of Duty franchise, the PvP has been one aspect of the game that Bungie has put quite a bit of effort into. In fact, the PvE community often complains in the forums about what is perceived as a disproportionate amount of effort being put into that side of the game.

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it’s clear that Bungie put a fair amount of effort into the execution of ToO. Admission to the event can be purchased for just 100 glimmer from Brother Vance in the Vestian Outpost. Guardians can achieve a special reward at a new social space, the Lighthouse, for achieving a flawless victory or nine consecutive wins on any one admission. On the flip side, lose three times on any one admission and you’ll need to return to Brother Vance for another admission.

The playlist itself is very straightforward, but that’s what makes it great. For starters, it introduces a completely new playlist – elimination. The goal of each fireteam, limited to a maximum of three Guardians, is to be the fireteam to completely wipe the enemy five times. Unlike every other playlist, the only way for a downed Guardian to be revived is by a teammate. However, if every member is eliminated then the round is over and a point is awarded to the other team. If neither team is eliminated after a set amount of time, a capture object appears in the middle of the map, and the first team to stand in it long enough wins that round. Heavy doesn’t spawn until one team reaches three points.

Outside of some documented cheating, the real strategy lies in the communication between team members and adjusting your loadouts accordingly. Waiting to use your super at the right time is paramount. Furthermore, I’ve observed teams who are very good at generating as many orbs as possible for their teammates. Understanding the situation as it relates to the current score is also vital. Fireteams on the verge of winning the match, unleash their supers in the very last round. Conversely, teams that are behind have to juggle when to use their supers in an effort to close the gap. I could go on and on.

The point is: ToO requires far more coordination and teamwork than any other playlist to date. Outside of Control, none of the other playlists are really very popular among those I interact with. Now every Friday until the reset on Tuesday (at least based on the first weekend) Guardians will have a new and different type of PvP challenge to look forward to besides the monthly Iron Banner.

There are a few other small touches that Bungie introduced that tie into the ToO that have made it worth playing: It only costs 100 glimmer to buy admission from Brother Vance at the Vestian Outpost, one Passage Coin is guaranteed to drop in the Daily Crucible Playlist (also a good way to promote the other playlists), and there is a new social space for those who are able to go a perfect 9-0 on any one admission. Those are some pretty sweet rewards.

Speaking of rewards, there are several tiers of rewards for Guardians depending on how far they advance while in the ToO. Obviously, the better rewards are reserved for those who go the farthest, particularly undefeated. That does make entering the ToO seem a bit daunting. However, Brother Vance currently sells some supplies that make the experience a little more forgiving. For three passage coins each, Guardians can purchase the right to have their first loss forgiven (although, you can’t quit a match and be forgiven), start that particular admission with a free win, and have your first win count as two.