Death in Candlewood Hits Kickstarter

Death in Candlewood Hits Kickstarter

April 2, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

An openworld psychological horror from developers behind Silent HillF.E.A.R. and The Witcher, as well as design consultation from BioShock lead level designer Jay Kyburz, spins a macabre tale of lost love and madness in 1940s New England.

The Kickstarter for a new psychological horror game has launched today by newcomers Rosebud Games, a team that is comprised of veteran industry devs who’ve worked on games such as Silent Hill, Bioshock and The Witcher. They are seeking $60,000 to launch their game on PC and include Oculus Rift as an option as well. Follow the link above to see how you can help them reach their goal, read all about it below and don’t forget to visit their site here.

Death In Candlewood is a fusion FPS heavily influenced by the gothic fiction of Edgar Allan Poe and classic horror films. A story of undying love between the living and the dead, the game plunges its player into the darkest corners of 1940s America.

The game spans a single night in the life of Ray Dune, a doctor whose relationship with reclusive psychiatrist Lester Caravan has reached a deadly crisis point. Driven mad by the loss of his beloved wife Elizabeth, Caravan blames Dune in part for her death and begins researching the boundaries between life and death in a feverish attempt to bring her back. Dune, consumed by his own guilt, is thrust abruptly into Caravan’s world when his vulnerable adopted son Rizzo disappears. Navigating the dark paths of Candlewood Mountains and a terrifying onslaught of inhuman assailants, Dune sets out on a desperate bid to save himself and his son from the bloody machinations of a madman.

Though Death In Candlewood is played mostly from a first person perspective, it is not a traditional FPS. The game world is expansive including over 1,000 navigable buildings in Candlewood and 6km² of surrounding mountain ranges­ and you can move around this vast landscape any way you choose. In Death In Candlewood you’ll drive cars and motorbikes, swimthrough deep waters, use uncommon weapons and face uncommon enemies as you unravel adark and twisted romance.

Key features include:

● Top­notch visuals and performance immersing the player in a psychological horror FPS influenced by Edgar Allan Poe and classic horror films

● 20+ melee and ranged weaponry from bare fists to Maschinengewehr 42s and tranquilizer pistols

● Lush environments and unique settings, from 6km² of shadowy mountain ranges to 4km² and over 1,000 buildings in the town of Candlewood which can be walked, stalked, driven or swum through

● Innovative genre with mainly FPS mechanics plus role­playing customisation, stealth elements and third person POV for driving a range of vehicles

● Buy and upgrade your ammunition, health, equipment and weapons

● Citizens of Candlewood and characters you encounter throughout the game each have branching, reactive dialogue and randomised events

● Rang of animal, human and monstrous enemies, each wielding unique weapons

● Reactive and intelligent AIs so foes and NPCs respond realistically to any situation

● Combat system incorporating line­of­sight and noise sensor mechanics

● Slow­motion cinematic dodge manouevres for close range melee combat