Dark Horse Announces Fight Club 2

Dark Horse Announces Fight Club 2

July 21, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

Let’s break the first two rules and talk about Fight Club.

It’s been eighteen years since the book was released and fifteen years since the Fight Club film. Do you feel old yet? Well, maybe the news that author Chuck Palahniuk is penning Fight Club 2 will make you feel a little bit better.

Although the film did poorly at the box office, it went on to become a cult classic and is even rated #10 on IMDB’s Top 250. The news comes to us from USA Today that revealed that Palahniuk will be joining director David Fincher at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday to talk more about the series that will debut with Dark Horse Comics in May, 2015 as a 10-issue maxiseries. It will be written by Palahniuk and illustrated by Cameron Stewart.

[blockquote]”Fight Club 2 takes place alternately in the future and the past. It picks up a decade after the ending of his original book, where the protagonist is married to equally problematic Marla Singer and has a 9-year-old son named Junior, though the narrator is failing his son in the same way his dad failed him.”[/blockquote]

When Palahniuk talked with USA Today, he revealed a little about how Tyler may come across in the series, and even gave hints that maybe he’s otherworldly;

“Tyler is something that maybe has been around for centuries and is not just this aberration that’s popped into his mind.” the author said.

And what part exactly will David Fincher be playing in the comic series? Is there a film to come? Will they be using Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s likeness in the comics or will they be looking into an entirely different direction? Right now it seems we have more questions than answers, but maybe we’ll hear more this Saturday. For now, check out the first piece of artwork released by Dark Horse Comics.