Crayola Gets An Edge

October 4, 2016 0 By Michael MacPherson

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Remember those times when you were a kid, back before the computer craze, and before video games took their hold over everything. What would you do on a rainy afternoon, you would go to your great big box of crayons, or markers and pull out that good old drawing paper, or the stack of colouring books you had piled in your room. Of course there is one name that is entirely synonymous with colouring at its core and that is Crayola.

Well, it is 2016 and teens and tweens these days are glued to the TV, and their smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The good people at Crayola have released a new line of colouring books aimed right at them, and that is their new Art With Edge featuring cool designs like sugar skulls, the Justice League, Batman, and zombies to name a few. They are perfectly sized to 8×10 so they are also easily put into a frame at the end of the day as well.

For a few years now adult colouring books have become ever popular and personally I would say an excellent way to relax on an afternoon or at night sitting down with a glass of wine. Well, now teens and tweens can put down their technology and just relax working away at some of the coolest colouring books to come down the line, and just disconnect from their digital world.

These new books are great and are a fantastic way to spark creativity in our younger generation. Not only can it increase their level of creativity but there has been several links between creating art and reducing stress levels according to several studies. So days where your teen is just really struggling with the pressures of being a teen, and school and social media, an Art With Edge colouring book would be a great way to just have them disconnect from all that and relax.

The Art With Edge line will feature seven different themed books and two colouring kits as well. The great thing about this series is that it is unlike adult colouring books, that feature prominently intricate designs, complicated animal patterns or things generally directed to an adult audience, or kids books that are simple shapes or basic cars, Art With Edge is squarely focused right at the teen level of interest featuring pop culture items and big splashy quotes.

The Art with Edge line is currently available right now on and the books and kits range from $7 to 16 making them an easy affordable investment for some colouring fun for your teen or tween.

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