Comic Book Men – Ep. 401

Comic Book Men – Ep. 401

October 13, 2014 0 By EVA

Kevin Smith and his gang at the comic shop are back once again! This time even more so than the previous seasons; you can really feel the comfort zone of these New Jersey boys inside The Stash and in front of the camera. The show has finally shaken the feeling of working out the kinks and has gotten right into the new season feet first.

Brian Johnson is comedic at best and unloads a non-stop, relentless routine of hammering jokes at the boys every chance he can get. To kick off the season this episode is no different and will have you in stitches right from the get go. Harley shows up with Jason Mewes to gain some expertise on being a clerk before going into filming for her father on her own film about a Canadian style clerk store. Harley seems a little out of her element inside the shop, and I’m not sure if its the comic store itself or the people she is around. This made for some very awkward shots through out the episode, but comedic with the help of Brian.

All in all, we get a chance to see some transactions take place, and the usual round table of Kevin talking shop with the boys. Viewers start to get an understanding by now that Walt has a low ball system in place that is slightly predictable at this point, but may add to the value of the show itself with the viewer. The fact that I find myself making offers while I watch to try and guess like I’m watching The Price is Right is actually quite interesting. Give it a shot next time. You’ll find yourself guessing offers and trying to determine if the seller is going to hook on a deal. I think that’s half the fun behind this show, aside from seeing a bunch of comics and toys that you may remember from your childhood.

Harley can be found making an appearance in Kevin’s new flick that’s in theatres now called Tusk. Her full length debut will come soon with Yoga Hoosiers as part of Kevin’s plan to make a trilogy about Canada. Do you think seeing Harley at the shop gives us a insight on what she will be like in the films, or is this just “dad’s friends are weird” syndrome? I for one would love to spend a whole day at the shop just hanging with the boys, and Comic Book Men gives me that right away every time I watch.