Bricked Consoles and PSN Down For The Count

Bricked Consoles and PSN Down For The Count

June 19, 2013 0 By Marc

It has not been a good last 24 hours for Playstation.

Last night at approximately 10pm EST I was prompted to stop my The Last of Us download and install the latest 4.45 update for my Playstation. I thought, no big deal and downloaded it and installed it. System restarted fine, I finished downloading the game and started to play. Little did I know that something horrible was happening to many other players across the globe. As it turned out, if you replaced your hard-drive with anything bigger than 500gb, the update was not allowing anyone to turn on their system after the update, essentially bricking the console. I found this information out thanks to user /u/tbomega on Reddit posting it to the /r/gaming subreddit to warn everyone who has not updated to not even touch the update. Unfortunately many had already updated and it was too late.

Sony quickly pulled the update with the barrage of messages in their support forums and twitter raging about this system bricking bug in the update.

Not too long after that happened, the PSN started to go down for users, some reported it was earlier this morning, some reported later around 2pm EST. Regardless, it looks like Sony is trying to fix whatever has happened, and bringing down the PSN is part of the process. Many of us are now having flashbacks to 2011 when the PSN was down for over a month as they fixed a security issue. This is a terrible thing to happen with The Last of Us just dropping less than a week ago, and many hungry gamers wanting to play online, or simply download the game from the Playstation Store. I checked thoroughly though the Playstation support forums on what is going on, and when they expect the PSN to be up. The only thing I found was a sever status update from June 3rd, 2013, and many angry gamers asking the same question.

When, and why.

I checked the network at 5:15 EST and it let me in, but some are still unable to do a thing.

As soon as we get more information, we will post it.