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2017: The Year of 3D Tech

by EVAon December 15, 2016
Whilst there has been plenty of hype about how 3D in our movie theatres would help us get closer to the action, such technologies have often proved to be a little underwhelming. 2017 is already looking like it’s going to be a breakthrough year for 3D technology with everything from 3D printing to online slots games […]

Top Five E-Sports Games

by EVAon November 11, 2016
On average, 79 million hours of eSports are watched on Twitch each month. According to Newzoo, the global audience will exceed 427 million by 2019 and the revenue will hit $1 billion that same year and that is only the beginning. How you determine the top five games depends on the criteria you look at, […]

The Walking Dead Game: New Reality and Struggling Adventure

by EVAon November 10, 2016
  The Walking Dead: Top Game of The Century When you are dealing with popular online games, you will never loose a chance to play the Walking Dead. This extremely popular game has millions of fans worldwide. When original series that have been broadcasting on TV since 2010 have reached a number of loyal fans […]

Four Stories Telltale Could Tell Next

by EVAon November 4, 2016
Lately, Telltale Games tends to get the gaming community excited about either a new episode for one of its existing series, or about the announcement of a whole new title at least a few times a year. This year, the biggest buzz in connection to Telltale has been the news of a Batman series. This […]

How Virtual Reality Gaming is Blowing its Big Chance

by EVAon October 16, 2016
Knowing how virtual reality gaming is blowing its big chance this year can help people to understand the fundamentals of the market. Many people are excited about the fact that virtual reality technology is going to be the next big thing, and they’re trying to make sure that it becomes the next big thing. In […]

Which Video Games are Considered Cybersports?

by EVAon October 10, 2016
Each year hundreds of video games appear on the market.  Millions of them are sold annually and thei revenue of developers grows year by year. But not all of them are available out there are considered to be eSports. Let us shed some light on what makes a video game a cybersport and which ones […]

Heroines of the New Age

by EVAon September 28, 2016
There’s a change afoot in the world view of the heroine on TV shows or in movies. No more does the leading lady need to be beautiful and strong, flawless and perfect. Heroines of the new age are kick-ass, tough but also have problems and aren’t afraid to be less than perfect. In short, they […]

When Cartoon Characters Take Up Poker

by EVAon June 29, 2016
Poker has inspired numerous veins of popular culture including music, literature and film so it’s no surprise that cartoonists have also integrated the popular game into the characters of comic strips. The superheroes of Marvel Comics are well known for dealing with ‘real world issues’ and Marvel has thematically referenced poker on more than one […]

Throwback Thursday: Blade II

by EVAon April 21, 2016
I’m very ashamed to say this, but Blade II is my all-time favourite comic book movie. I just find it perfect. I’m so sorry you have to find someone who thinks this, but I just find it to be the best. I grew up watching the Blade movies on VHS, and I swear that my […]

Software Companies That Cash in With Online Casinos

by EVAon April 16, 2016
Everyone has noticed the growing tendency of people changing their real lives for those online. More and more virtual activities attract millions of users taking all their spare time and, sometimes cash. Why is this happening? The Internet is slowly taking control over our lives. Anything we need we can get from there: – chats […]