Atari Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

January 21, 2013 0 By Marc

Grandfather of the video game industry Atari has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a recent article from Bloomberg. This is a large hit to the gaming community considering most of us grew up on playing games on or from Atari. Missile Command, Frogger, Pitfall will all be in our hearts as this gaming giant begins to sell off all their assets in the upcoming weeks.  But we must look past all this sadness and see what the minds behind Atari are going to do next, and hope to see something else flourish. Also what does this say for other struggling video game companies? If a tenured company like Atari can fall, what does that say for others such as SEGA, EA, Ubisoft, or even someone as large Nintendo? That is something we will only have to wait and see happen, and hope to see them come out of this alive.


Here is the original link for the Bloomberg article, it’s worth a read as well.