Artist Sends Disney Characters to Hogwarts

Artist Sends Disney Characters to Hogwarts

October 17, 2015 1 By Alanna Smith

What if your favourite Disney characters were wizards and witches at Hogwarts? Artist Isaiah Stephens brings that possibility to life in his most recent art series depicting several Disney princes and princesses attending the wizarding school. You may recognize Isaiah’s art from his All Grown Up series (classic cartoon characters aged up to modern day) and Disney Halloween (Disney characters dressed as other characters for Halloween). In this Hogwarts crossover, we get a glimpse at characters engaging in all kinds of magical activities – from potions classes to sneaking around the castle grounds to an intense game of Quidditch. Both worlds are full of magic, it’s about time they joined forces!

Have a look and check out more of Isaiah’s work on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or his website.

Mulan and Ariel casting Patronus spells

disney hogwarts 1


Aurora, Philip and Belle on the Hogwarts Express

hogwarts express


Tiana and Naveen practice Transfiguration

disney hogwarts 3


Milo, Pocahontas, Eric, Tarzan and Ariel use the Marauder’s Map

disney hogwarts 4


Megara, Beast and Belle in potions class

disney hogwarts 5


Ursula as Professor Dolores Umbridge

ursula hogwarts

Elsa being sorted into her house

elsa hogwarts

Snow White gazing at the Mirror of Erised

snow white hogwarts

Aladdin learns how to fly a broomstick

aladdin hogwarts


Pocahontas and Shang in a Quidditch match against Jasmine and Naveen

pocahontas quidditch