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We are currently seeking the following individuals to join our team! (To begin on a voluntary basis)

– European Based Writer: Able to travel to conventions in their area (Example: London) such as the London Film and Comic Con, London MCM Expo, Wales Comic Expo, Dublin Comic Con, etc.

– European Based Photographer: Must have own equipment and be available for press calls, interviews, conventions, etc. with given notice. Preference given to those who would be able to attend the above mentioned conventions.

– A Videographer: Based in Ontario Canada – Must have own equipment and available for press calls, interviews, conventions etc. with given notice. Editing capabilities is a must. Please email admin (@) for more information.

– Writers (see Contributors section)


Do you have what it takes to write for Geek Chic Elite? We’d love to hear from you! We are looking for all kinds of different articles for our site featuring everything from comics and film/video game reviews to interviews and opinion pieces. We are looking for writers who are able to contribute to the site a couple times a month with fresh new content and who are interested in the geeky culture we represent. All content must be original and will be approved prior to being posted on the site. Photos used in the article must come with credits when applicable. If you’d like to submit examples of your writing or have any questions about being a possible contributor, please email us at admin [@] (take out the brackets around the @ and the spaces) or use our contact form. Don’t let our website name fool you, we accept male and female applicants!

Cosplayers / Elite Geek Models

If you would like to be a featured cosplayer on our site, please send us a photos of a recent shoot or a Facebook (or similar) page where we can view your work. We like to conduct interviews either via email or Skype with all of our featured cosplayers so we can have an interview go up with your gallery. When submitting your photos for a gallery please make sure that you have permission from your photographer. We credit everyone who assisted with the shoot so please have that information available. The more photos the better! Please send all submissions to admin [@] (take out the brackets around the @ and the spaces) with appropriate links and/or attachments to be considered.

Giveaways, Reviews, Sponsorship

Want us to help you host a giveaway? Got something you’d like reviewed and shown to the masses? We can help! Whether you are just starting out or just want to expand your customer base, giveaways or reviews can help you get your name out there. We also offer the opportunity to have your items featured on our tables at convention events including (but not limited to) art, clothing, jewelry, etc. Please contact us at admin [@] (take out the brackets around the @ and the spaces) for more information or use our contact form.

Fan Photos

Have some great GCE swag that you want to show off? Did you grab a photo of one of us or our booth at a convention? Send us the photo and we will add it to our Facebook at

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