12 Reasons We Need Hellboy 3

12 Reasons We Need Hellboy 3

June 10, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

Last week, Hellboy himself Ron Perlman took to Twitter to start campaigning for Hellboy 3 to happen.

And man, am I on board. It’s not just the fans who are following his lead either; even his amphibious co-star Doug Jones and leading lady Selma Blair jumped in to show their support.

The first two Hellboy movies were a huge success, especially considering they’re comic book movie adaptations that don’t belong to Marvel or DC. They were dark but still comedic, loaded with action, and managed to combine genres like fantasy, supernatural, horror and sci-fi flawlessly. Need some more convincing?

sit down

And let me explain you a thing or two about why we should resurrect the big red guy for a round 3.

1. It’s Hellboy


That’s reason enough for me, but I guess if you need more I’ll keep going.

2. Ron Perlman will be in it, and he will be Hellboy

look good

Really, you should be sold on the idea by now.

3. Guillermo Del Toro originally intended for Hellboy to be a trilogy.

del toro

So let’s make it happen. (Also please note how happy Perlman is.)

4. The epic action

fist bump

Where do you think Hulkbuster got that move from anyway?

5. Come on people, IT’S HELLBOY


Look how stoked this guy is. That could be us.

6. Abe Sapiens (aka Doug Jones being delightful)



The best sidekick a guy could ask for.

7. It has an actual girl on fire

girl on fire

Before there was Katniss, there was Liz. Except her flames are real.

8. All of the other badass characters


I mean Prince Nuada probably won’t be back considering the events of Hellboy 2, but let’s not forget this movie gave us PRINCE NUADA.

9. It’s been 7 years since the last movie, I want to see if Abe finished his Rubik’s Cube yet.

rubik's cube

I’ve got to know. For science.

10. Ron Perlman told us to

hellboy gun

And you don’t mess with Ron Perlman.

11. The main cast is already on board, and it wasn’t even that hard.

remind me

rotten eggs


12. Did I mention Hellboy?

real hellboy

Because yeah… Hellboy.

You can show your support by tweeting with #HellboyIII.