10 Reasons to Get Excited for Season 4 of Game of Thrones

10 Reasons to Get Excited for Season 4 of Game of Thrones

April 5, 2014 0 By Michael MacPherson

Every so often a show graces our television screens and it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Game of Thrones is certainly one of those shows.

With only a day left to wait, Game of Thrones fans everywhere are counting down the hours to it’s return. We’ve been teased with trailers, posters and images, but in case you needed any more reasons to be excited for it’s return, we’ve provided you with our Top Ten! (Warning; Spoilers ahead)

The Red Viper

Of all the characters introduced in Storm of Swords, I really found Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne to be one of the most interesting. He comes to King’s Landing for two reasons: one is the marriage of Joffrey Baratheon as well as King’s Justice that was promised his family that dates back to Robert’s Rebellion when King Robert Baratheon took the throne from the Targaryen’s. Long story short, a lot of history will be introduced and the Martell’s of Dorne will make an impact on the series in a big way, especially in what I predict will be one of the best fights in the shows run when Prince Oberyn stands up against The Mountain, Gregor Clegane. Prince Oberyn is a serious hot head and much like a lot of the characters on the show, is not messing around. It’s not a social call when he goes to the Capital. The casting of the character is perfect, not a known actor, but from what I can gather from previews much like everyone else on the show has the acting chops to bring the heat of the fiery Prince of Dorne.

Joffrey’s Wedding

Weddings in Westeros tend to be quite the affair, as evidenced by the now infamous Red Wedding, which really took fans by surprise who had not actually read the books. If there’s one thing that’s most common throughout the book series, its that George R.R Martin loves to throw curve balls and surprise readers consistently. Weddings for the most part tend to be a lightning rod in the series for big changes to the series. Joffrey’s wedding will offer up no shortage of excitement for viewers and for those chomping at the bit for the Lannister’s to suffer some kind of losses along the way. In the books, this wedding represented a power shift and new directions for major characters in the capital of King’s Landing storyline.

The Evolution of Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister has always been my favourite character out of all the residents of Westeros and Essos. He has been one of the deepest characters and one who, over the course of the books, has evolved into a character who has turned the corner and has seen the light of the errors of his family. After his speech to Brienne in the bath about why he killed Mad King Aerys, he has been continually adding layer upon complex layer to his character. This season brings even more promise for him as we see the preview he’s holding the sword Oathkeeper given to him by his father, Tywin Lannister. As another added level of intrigue, Oathkeeper has been crafted out of the Valyrian steel that made up Ice, the family sword of the Starks. At the end of the last season, saw Jaime return to his sister in King’s Landing; with them reunited and all they have been through it will bring new elements to their extremely sordid family relations.


War at the Wall

The end of last season left us with Jon Snow riddled with arrows, riding into Castle Black well ahead of the Wildlings attack on the Wall, and a letter reaching King Stannis regarding the impending attack and the need for help. This season will give us the battle for the Wall where we will finally get to see the rise of Jon Snow from just another bastard to a real man and leader of the Night’s Watch. It will also bring one of the most exciting large scale battles from the books to the screen aside from the Battle of Blackwater Bay, the fight that raged at Castle Black for control of the Wall. This battle will likely be a major episode in the show were we will see the rise of some characters and the possible fall of others.

Daenerys’ Rise

Season 3 showed Khaleesi gaining the Unsullied and while we didn’t see her much with them, she did acquire the army she needed to further her goal of retaking Westeros. The previews for Season 4 have shown us a much more hardened Daenerys, finally moving in to take Meereen from the slavers. She has a massive army backing her now and three growing dragons to help back up her claim of her family of Fire and Blood. So far, everything is clicking into place for her to finally ride home and take the Iron Throne from the Lannisters. This season will really test her and her ability to lead her people as well as take on the challenges of ruling and all the intricacies involved. Meereen will become a learning opportunity for her and will show her true character as a leader. In Season 3 we only saw glimpses right at the end as to her desires to free the slaves and become a Mother to all and I’m eager to see where everything goes with her character


The Maturation of Sansa Stark

When reading the books or watching the show my least favourite character to see or hear about was poor Sansa. She continuously took punishment from Joffrey and for the most part turned a blind eye to his underlying evil. Trapped at court by Cersei after she was cast aside in favour of Margaery Tyrell, it seemed like she was going to be a tragic character meeting a tragic end or worse based on her circumstances, however this season promises new and better things for the oldest Stark girl. After finding out about the events at The Twins and coupled with being forced to marry Tyrion Lannister, things couldn’t get any worse, however this season has shown her out of King’s Landing and on the run in the Eyrie with Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger. This new turn for her will offer her new challenges that will show her maturing into Lady Sansa of Winterfell instead of the starstruck girl blinded by the boy she has a crush on.

The Greyjoy’s

The Greyjoy’s, other than Theon, have not had as much screen time as many other characters in the show. This season promises to give us more Yara/Asha Greyjoy and her quest to save her brother Theon from the Bolton’s as last season ended with a “what’s in the box” moment, with Ramsey sending Balon Greyjoy something extremely personal of Theon’s, which vaulted Yara/Asha into action to retrieve her brother. She has had little screen time to really solidify herself, and this story line should bring her into the fold and give us more time with the Ironmen of Pyke. With the War of the Five Kings coming to a close in the series, action should be on the rise with the North a complete mess for Yara/Asha to traverse to save her brother from the clutches of the traitorous Bolton’s. In the books, she was a strong character that wanted to uphold the power and integrity of her family line and at the same time return her brother home and bring the fight to those who tarnished the honour of her family. Season 4 should bring us more of that families quest for the Iron Throne and the need to bring back the eldest son to the Iron Isles.


The Assassin Arya Stark

Last season showed us one extremely brave little girl in Arya Stark who at the outbreak of the bloody battle that was the Red Wedding, wanted to charge into the Twins to save her family. The coin given to her by Jaqen H’Ghar will come into play as Arya continues to grow into possibly the most dangerous 10 year old in Westeros and Essos combined. She is a fast learner and in the previews that have been shown, she is back in possession of her precious sword Needle that was given to her in Season one. She is on the run with The Hound and that dynamic will play into the progression of her character and how she’ll become more dangerous. She has justice and murder on her mind but at the same time is patient enough to wait and learn what she can to become more powerful to be able to achieve her goals. The Hound will be another player in that progression joining Jaqen H’Ghar, the Brotherhood without Banners, and Syrio Forel.

The Female Power Struggle

Season 3 set the stage in the capital between the soon-to-be Queen Margaery Tyrell who is set to be married to King Joffrey and the Queen Regent Cersei Lannister. Since Margaery came to the capital, there has been a cat and mouse game being played out between her and Cersei, both looking for the others weakness and trying to find out the others true motives behind their quest for power over Westeros. Cersei has already shown herself to be one of the most devious women on television and in print. However, Margaery has also shown she is a quick study on maneuvering the snake pit that King’s Landing politics can be. This season promises to show the progression of this struggle and the lengths both women are prepared to go to. They both understand that the key to control is through Joffrey and his holding of the Iron Throne.


Tyrion Lannister

Every time Tyrion is on screen, people pay attention. Season 4 promises to put him front and center of the growing drama in King’s Landing instead of being a relative side player like he was in Season three. From the previews, he has some fairly large scenes with The Red Viper Oberyn Martell and this relationship will play a large part of the plot of the King’s Landing portion of the season. The acting skills of Peter Dinklage continues to be one of the major draws to this show as he perfectly embodies the character that he plays. While it’s never exactly clear what Tyrion’s intentions are, the ride he puts everyone on through the episodes is more than worth it.

Game of Thrones returns April 6th on HBO.