Marvel VS. DC – Who Will Come Out on Top?

Marvel VS. DC – Who Will Come Out on Top?

March 30, 2018 0 By EVA

With their huge previous successes, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and most recently, Black Panther – which has just crossed over the $1-billion mark – there’s little doubt that DC is quaking in its boots. When you consider the numbers that DC took in with its ‘big’ collective superhero movie, Justice League, which featured some of the biggest names in the comic and film communities; Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Aquaman. The film was expected to take in a huge amount of money but has only managed $657 million (approx), which may sound a lot but when compared to the big hits created by Marvel, they seem extremely average.
So, what is DC going to do about it? Well, they are toying with some pretty big hitters for the next few years, mainly celebrating the success of individual characters from Justice League. The Flash and Cyborg may get features of their own – although the disappointment of the Justice League film may ruin their chances. The only few
films that are confirmed are Aquaman, which has already been shot, and Wonder Woman 2, directed by the incredible Patty Jenkins. These films are predicted to do pretty well; and going off the success Wonder Woman, the sequel to the female-led action-fest is getting good buzz around it. Although, the lesser-known Aquaman may not be as likely to draw a huge audience since he isn’t yet a cult favourite with the fans and no one knows quite what to expect, despite speculation.

However, it seems Marvel will remain on top with the release of Infinity War later this year. Storming in with its biggest heroes, the film is a box office guarantee and will rake even more money for the studio. It will also probably inspire a line of merchandise that every superhero-loving man and woman will be desperate to get their hands on, including games, which have become a huge business for movie companies. Whether its board games, PC games, video games or even websites offering various Marvel themed online slots to choose from, people essentially want to live inside their favourite action movies. And luckily, all is not lost for DC as it dominates the gaming industry far more than Marvel does with its more popular titles including Injustice, The Wolf Among Us, and the Lego Batman series. 

DC also has the monopoly when it comes to television shows. Although Marvel pulls in the big bucks when it comes to blockbusters, there is a constant and stable following for TV shows created under DC branding. There are large fan-bases, and therefore a large source of income, for shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.

At the end of the day, both companies are highly successful and continue to produce great content for their fans, and despite the numbers, which one you think is superior tends to be a personal choice, and no one will ever be able to decide which is, although we doubt we will ever stop debating it.