Marvel Multiverse RPG offers a glimpse at the future

Marvel Multiverse RPG offers a glimpse at the future

January 30, 2023 0 By Gary

The Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game is picking up steam as its release day nears – that’s Aug. 2, true believers – and more exciting news dropped today.

Alongside pre-orders for the core rulebook, Marvel announced the first full-sized sourcebook expansion for the game: the X-men. The book will include the X-men, spin-off teams, their greatest allies, and most fearsome foes, which sounds perfect if you got a fistful of d6s and a strong need for justice!

The X-Men expansion will include dozens of new profiles for characters from X-Force, the New Mutants, and the Marauders, and maps for classic X-Men locations like the Xavier’s Institute and more.

It’s all the information you need to run a mutant-centric Marvel Multiverse RPG campaign!

Also released was new information about MMRPG’s first adventure book The Cataclysm of Kang, which features one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains, the time traveler Kang.

The adventure book is scheduled for release in 2023, but a specific date has not yet been announced. It includes six interlocked adventures, each of which can be played with a new character, or built within an interconnected campaign that takes characters from low-level heroes to universe-altering champions! The Cataclysm of Kang was written by Matt Forbeck, who authored the core rules.

The core rulebook and the adventure book are available for preorder now.

X-men is scheduled for release sometime in 2024.