ICYMI: Pottermore Presents!

ICYMI: Pottermore Presents!

December 12, 2014 1 By Laura Cerrone

The reigning queen of the world, J.K. Rowling, is blessing us with some extra holiday cheer this year. While the Harry Potter book series concluded in 2007, Rowling has announced through her Pottermore website that for the 12 Days of Christmas us lucky fans will be receiving the best kind of stocking stuffers, and some of those include new short stories.

Starting this Friday, December 12, each day a new gift will be revealed on the Pottermore website. It has been speculated that one of these surprises will be a short story on Slytherin bad-boy Draco Malfoy.

Earlier this year, Rowling posted a backstory on the website of Dolores Umbridge. Prior to that story she also supplied readers with a news-like article written by Rita Skeeter on Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the Quidditch World Cup in July.

The news of the rumored Malfoy story and the other surprises Rowling has in store for us has been igniting the web. This particular Muggle (other than putting a Hogwarts acceptance letter on her Christmas list each year) is exceptionally excited for the Christmas-themed fanfare. The way Rowling describes Christmas in each of the Harry Potter books has always been the most magical part of the series for me, and if some of these stories capture what our favorite characters are up to during the holidays presently you can be sure those wonderful feelings will be conjured up again.

Every Harry Potter fan is anxiously awaiting the first surprise on Dec. 12, and rightly so. The magic of the holiday season mixed with the magic of our Harry Potter world will be meeting again. It’s time to fill up our mugs with Butterbeer, snack on some treacle tarts, and cozy up once again to our favorite stories.