How to Enhance Your Game of Thrones Experience Beyond the HBO Series

How to Enhance Your Game of Thrones Experience Beyond the HBO Series

July 17, 2017 0 By EVA

Everyone knows that the vast world created by George RR Martin and adapted for the screen by David Benioff and D.B Weiss stretches far beyond the confines of the hour-long episodes of the HBO series. Game of Thrones touches on some of the folklore and history that shapes the lands of Westeros and beyond, and also the characters that reside there. But there is only so much detail that can be depicted on the screen, and to get a feel for the real depth that Martin constructed it is imperative to read the Song of Ice and Fire series of books. There are also plenty of other ways to enhance the GoT experience, such as going to conventions, playing games, and learning about the history of Westeros, upon which a number of spinoff shows may be based.

Dress Up at Conventions

One of the best ways to enjoy Game of Thrones is to get together with a bunch of other like-minded fans at one of the many conventions held in various locations throughout the year. One of the biggest event of the year is the Ice and Fire Convention, which will next take place in Ohio on April 27-29 2018. It was founded in 2012 and grows in size each year as more fans come to take part in workshops and activities based on the greatest fantasy known to man. In addition to this, there is always a massive GoT presence at Comic-Con, where primary actors from the show such as Kit Harrington, Maisie Williams, and Sophie Turner always form a panel and answer questions from the audience. This year there will also be a massive event in Nashville from June 30th until July 2nd, organised by the largest Game of Thrones fan site, The Watchers on the Wall.

Play the Game of Thrones

For an even more immersive GOT experience, why not join the 600,000+ other players and take control of a completely original character in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, originally released on December 2, 2014. In the Telltale game, players follow a unique storyline that occurs in Westeros during the same timeframe of the series, but happens independently from the main themes of the show and books. It does cross over at certain points, though, and includes voiceovers from characters in the show including Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, and Margery Tyrell. Games from the Californian studio are renowned for having engaging and compelling storylines, and in the Westeros setting, it is a winning formula. If console gaming isn’t up your street, there is also a Game of Thrones board game from Fantasy Flight Games, and a Game of Thrones slot game at Betway Casino. The board game is a strategy based game of skill, while the slot game is a reel-spinning ride that takes players around a map of Westeros in the special side feature. There are many ways to enjoy GoT in a hands-on way.

Study like Samwell Tarly

Although the average of 23 million viewers per episode are eagerly anticipating the GoT end game and finding out who prevails, the climax of the series that could now occur in 2019 will also leave some people feeling empty. Even having to wait between seasons is like having to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially after that Season 5 finale. Luckily, HBO has confirmed that there will be numerous spinoff series after the War for the Dawn reaches its grand conclusion. In preparation for those, viewers can study some of the history that Martin constructed to shape his universe. There are plenty of themes upon which a potential new series could be based, including Robert’s Rebellion, Dunk and Egg, Aegon’s Conquest, and an origin story for the Night’s King. There are also numerous well-known writers that want to take part in these projects, such as Brian Helgeland who wrote Legend, and Carly Wray, one of the writers of Mad Men.

With Season 7 of Game of Thrones right around the corner and set for release on July 16, the excitement is palpable. Viewers have been concocting theories on what will happen, but nobody really knows what to expect. What will King in the North Jon Snow do with his new found power and army? How will Cersei deal with the enemies that are seemingly multiplying around her? Will Daenerys instantly try to reclaim her father’s throne upon returning to the shores of Westeros? All these questions will be answered in a matter of weeks.