Bioshock: Infinite – Burial at Sea DLC trailer

Bioshock: Infinite – Burial at Sea DLC trailer

July 30, 2013 0 By Marc

Booker and Elizabeth are back.

SPOILERS BELOW – If you have not played through Infinite, do not proceed.


Bioshock’s creator Ken Levine dropped news today about a new DLC that will be available for Infinite players, but it currently doesn’t have a release date. Named “Burial at Sea”, they are really pushing the concept of constants and variables in this new DLC as Infinite characters Booker and Elizabeth return to Rapture New Years Eve, 1958 – one year before the fall of Rapture. You can purchase the Infinite season pass at it’s current price tag of $19.99 which will include both the battle arena setting DLC called “Clash in the Clouds” that was quietly released today, and Burial at Sea. If you don’t purchase the season pass, Clash in the Clouds will be available later today for $5, and Burial at Sea at a later date for $14.99. Check out the trailer below and tell us in the comments what you think of Booker and Elizabeth visiting Rapture before the fall of something grand.


[youtube id=”fpgvZay10jE” width=”580″ height=”337″]