A Chill is in the Air as Dungeons and Dragons Introduces Its Newest Sourcebook

A Chill is in the Air as Dungeons and Dragons Introduces Its Newest Sourcebook

June 18, 2020 0 By Gary

Everyone’s got a secret.

That is until today, at least, when Dungeons & Dragons officially announced its newest sourcebook, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Releasing on September 15, 2020, the book is set in Icewind Dale, in the far north, and draws some horror influences, particularly John Carpenter’s The Thing, and The X-Files episode Ice.

Each character will have a secret that only the DM knows; will it be revealed? And how? That’s up to the players to decide. The adventure will stir paranoia and cause the players to wonder: “is it just the environment that’s out to get me?”

Because, after all, “Icewind Dale is out to kill you,” said Christopher Perkins.

It sounds like the players will be in for a rough ride.

Supporting characters through the adventure from level 1 to 12, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaidenwill introduce some tools to make a DM’s life easier.

Each chapter will have an overview on what’s in the chapter, how the characters can level up, and other important notes. If a monster or NPC appears only in one place? It appears in that place in the adventure so a DM doesn’t have to flip through the book.

If a monster appears in multiple places, it will appear in an appendix…which is going to be weighty.

“There are more monsters in this book than any other adventure for Fifth Edition,” said Jeremy Crawford, who preemptively answered the question about whether the book is worth buying if you don’t plan to run it for the


The new book will also include new rules on surviving in harsh environments and a revised version of the Goliath race. Going forward, all Goliaths will be resistant to cold damage. After all, “if they grew up on the top of mountains, they need a way not to die because of the cold,” said Crawford.

Other Essentials

As with previous releases, the new book will be accompanied by Dice and Miscellany Set, an alternate art cover available only in hobby stores, and pre-painted minis by WizKids.

The Dice and Miscellany Set will feature the same amazing contents as previous sets including a en exclusive (and heavy) set of dice, maps, cards, and other unique merchandise to enhance the experience. I love the Dice and Miscellany Sets WHOLEHEARTEDLY, but at 29.99 (US MSRP) they aren’t fit for every budget.

The dice do look like ice, though, and so I must own…at least…one set.

The miniatures will feature 45 new figures and include characters from the adventure including some of the denizens of Ten-Towns, the Reghed Nomads, and monstrous opponents such as the Tomb Tapper and the Abominable Yeti.

Each pack of miniatures will cost 16.99 (US MSRP.)

In Icewind Dale they have a saying: “Keep your friends close…wait…what friends? Who said that?”

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden launches everywhere, September 15th, 2020