The 5 Best Doctor Who Episodes

The 5 Best Doctor Who Episodes

February 19, 2014 2 By EVA

It was tough picking just five of our favorites from all of the episodes available since the reboot, but we tried our best!

Since the Doctor Who reboot in 2005, it has consistently been one of the best sci-fi television shows out there. It has very complex storylines, time and space travel, deadly monsters, plot twists, and more turns and paradoxes than any show out there. Basically, it can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants! There are a bunch of great episodes and with a show like Doctor Who the perfect way to enjoy the best episodes is to watch every other episode as well. If you don’t want to do that then I would recommend checking out these 5 in particular.

Blink – Series 3, Episode 10

This is the episode that first introduces a new villain called “The Weeping Angels”. They appear as statues and can only move when no one is looking at them. Blink and they will move faster than you can comprehend. They can either break your neck or transport you to another dimension. The Doctor coincidentally has very little screen time in this one and the show is mainly focused on the Angels. The Doctor is locked in another dimension and when he manages to get back he is able to find a way to lock the Angels in place permanently. This episode has been voted many times as being one of the top in the Doctor Who series and Moffat subsequently won several awards for writing the episode.


Dalek – Series 1, Episode 6

This is the first appearance of a Dalek since the series was rebooted. The back story of Doctor Who before the new series says that the Daleks were wiped out by the Doctor in an epic battle called the Great Time War. The Doctor’s reaction to seeing a Dalek again was excellent and you could easily believe there was a long history between them. The Dalek lives up to its reputation as a remorseless killing machine. The Doctor finally finds a way to kill it but the dalek decides it doesn’t want to live anymore since it has no brethren left and serves no more purpose. Christopher Eccelston’s performance as the Doctor in this episode is great and his dialogue and interaction with the Dalek are brilliant.

Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways – Series 1, Episode 12 & 13

This is the season finale of series one where we get to see the first regeneration of the Doctor in the new series. The Doctor has to do battle with the Daleks who have a ship in orbit and are threatening to destroy Earth. He has a conundrum when he finds a way to destroy the Daleks but in turn will destroy the Earth as well. Rose, who is his companion at this point, is also abducted by the Daleks. It would seem the Doctor has no options, so he simply decides to go straight after the Dalek ship in orbit to get Rose. The Daleks even show panic and fear of the Doctor. Jack Harkness comes to help, gets killed, then brought back to life by a newly rescued Rose who had just absorbed the consciousness of the TARDIS. She then proceeds to wipe out the Daleks. Saying a lot happens in this episode is an understatement.


Human Nature / The Family of Blood Series 3 – Episodes 8 & 9

The Doctor purposely wipes the memory of who he is and instead lives a boring life of John Smith. He is doing this in order to hide from a powerful family that wants his Time Lord powers for themselves. In a strange twist, we find out that the Doctor is doing this because he is more then capable of defending himself but is afraid of the harm he may do to the family and is trying to restrain himself. In the end, the family ends up killing a lot of people trying to get to him. The Doctor regains his memory and proceeds to deal out absolutely cruel punishments to each family member for what they have done.

Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead Series 4 – Episodes 9 & 10

These are great episodes where the Doctor battles a very dangerous enemy that kills people by stripping all organic matter from a person’s body called the Vashta Nerada. The monsters manifest as shadows and hide anywhere there is shade. The location is a giant planet-wide library that has a self-aware computer system that has been trying to protect the inhabitants against the shadow monsters. If that’s not complicated enough, this is the episode that introduces River Song who is, in my opinion, the best supporting character on the show. This episode is confusing if you are not paying attention but the payoff is great as the Doctor has to solve the paradox of River Song.

We all have our favorite episodes, some different than others and we want to hear yours! Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite Doctor Who episodes are below.