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Arrow Review: Revenge and Death in the Season Finale “Lian Yu”

by Jeff Fountainon May 25, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* While the ending wasn’t really that big of a cliffhanger (I’ll come back to that) the episode itself was a lot of fun. Lots of familiar characters, some we haven’t seen for a while, great fight scenes, personal one on one verbal confrontations and with any luck, the end to the flashbacks for […]

Arrow Review: Familiar Faces Return for the Showdown in “Missing”

by Jeff Fountainon May 19, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* Well, I’ll say this much for Arrow, they sure know how to set up a finale. Hard to say at this point if they’ll deliver a great last episode for season five but man, they are pulling out all the stops. The chess pieces are all finally in place, now it’s time to […]


Arrow Review: Time Out for Some Bonding in “Underneath”

by Jeff Fountainon May 4, 2017
I really don’t have a problem with Arrow taking the time to address some personal issues on the show, especially the ongoing drama between Oliver and Felicity. However, it feels wrong in terms of the timing and brought any momentum it had built up to a screeching halt, especially with the horrible plot arc that […]

Arrow Review: Verbal Interactions Rule the Day in “Dangerous Liaisons”

by Jeff Fountainon April 27, 2017
When Arrow returned this week I expected a big display of fighting and fighting and well….more fighting. What I got instead was a deviation from the Adrian Chase plot line (actually, it was a big part of the episode, but he himself was missing in action) and instead an episode devoted to Felicity, her relationship […]


Arrow Review: Bad Habits Return in the Uneven but Entertaining Episode “Disbanded”

by Jeff Fountainon March 30, 2017
After last week’s excellent episode I was very curious how Arrow would come back this week. I didn’t expect the same kind of high-quality episode but still hoped they would continue on the same path. The good news is, they did indeed follow the path they have laid out, forcing Oliver to take a long and […]

Arrow Review: Self-Discovery and Action Rule the Day in “Kapiushon”

by Jeff Fountainon March 23, 2017
In a season that has had more ups than downs, “Kapiushon” comes along and show us just how good Arrow can be if it really wants to. Great performances by Stephen Amell and Josh Segarra gave us some of the best acting we’ve seen in quite a while and the flashbacks were actually good, full […]


Arrow Review: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light in “Checkmate”

by Jeff Fountainon March 16, 2017
After a long season of ups and downs, Arrow finally gives us a different look for the show that really pays off. However, there were still numerous moments where they really tried to shoot themselves in the foot in spite of some interesting twists and turns but they managed to bring it all together for […]

Arrow Review: Mayor Queen Takes Center Stage in “Fighting Fire With Fire”

by Jeff Fountainon March 2, 2017
As Arrow has consistently floundered around this season I trying to find its way, it was interesting to see an episode that had such a big reveal also saw the Green Arrow on the sidelines. With Mayor Queen getting the most camera time, the show actually built some moments, some story lines that also had […]


Arrow Review: A Strange and Confusing Return in “Who Are You?”

by Jeff Fountainon January 26, 2017
*SPOILERS IN THE REVIEW* Arrow wasted no time in explaining the return of Laurel Lance and while some may call the cliffhanger nothing more than a cheap stunt, it does work rather well in the scope of the new Multiverse that now ties most of the CW shows together. However, Arrow still manages to shoot […]

Arrow Review: Action, Death and Surprises in “What We Leave Behind”

by Jeff Fountainon December 8, 2016
WARNING: SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW Thankfully, Prometheus finally gets his time in the spotlight as we find out (or do we?) who he really is. Not only that, but he puts his plan to destroy Oliver into action by targeting those around him, which amounted to Curtis getting beaten to a pulp and Felicity’s detective […]