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‘The Heretics’ Official Trailer is Here!

by Jeff Fountainon June 27, 2017
The official trailer for The Heretics is here; starring Nina Kiri (TV’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Let Her Out), Ry Barrett (The Drownsman, Neverlost, and The Demolisher) and, with a breakout performance from Australian newcomer Jorja Cadence. The Heretics was produced by Cody Calahan, Chad Archibald and Christopher Giroux with cinematography by “Bed of the Dead” […]

Fear the Walking Dead Review: Change is Coming in “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”

by Jeff Fountainon June 26, 2017
It was interesting to watch what seemed to be a simple, innocent beginning of an episode escalate and then the consequences of said beginning affect people in strange and captivating ways. While it did lag during one of the storylines overall it was a solid episode that laid some great groundwork for future plot arcs […]


The Mist Review: Horror, Not the Characters, Save the Pilot Episode

by Jeff Fountainon June 23, 2017
As I prepared to watch the pilot episode of Spike TV’s new adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist, there were a few things that worried me. First and foremost, how horrific and gory was this really going to be on Spike, second, how will the characters come across and third, how were they going to […]

Black Fawn Films to Explore the Word of Television with ‘The Cleaners’

by Jeff Fountainon June 12, 2017
The award-winning Canadian horror film production company, Black Fawn Films, are set to showcase their TV series concept The Cleaners, created by Cody Calahan and Al Kratina, to networks at The Banff World Media Festival. The series is set to be produced by Chad Archibald, Cody Calahan and Christopher Giroux along with Jeff Maher as […]

The First Look at Christopher Giroux’s ‘SCRAPS’ is Here!

by Jeff Fountainon May 3, 2017
Hitting the festival circuit this summer, SCRAPS is an ode to 90’s VHS horror movie making. Describing it as ‘a bloody romp full of twists and turns’, director Christopher Giroux, well-known producer of such independent horror films as Bite, Bed of the Dead, The Heretics and Let Her Out, brings his years of experience to helm this […]

Movie Review: “Caught” is a Home Invasion Movie with a Creepy Twist

by Jeff Fountainon April 5, 2017
To be honest, home invasion movies have become rather pedestrian in the last few years, with a few critical and commercial hits spawning far too many inferior copies. However, every now and again a movie breaks out of the regular mold and gives us something a little different, and that’s exactly what happened with “Caught”. […]


Movie Review: “Brackenmore” Is More Than Just a Pretty Picture

by Jeff Fountainon April 2, 2017
It can be very tricky making a movie that has the slow burn approach to storytelling. You have to keep the audience interested while at the same have a great payoff in the end that has them satisfied as they walk out of the theater. I’m happy to say that minus a few missteps, “Brackenmore” […]

The Terrifying New Trailer for “It” Has Arrived!

by Jeff Fountainon March 29, 2017
While many shrugged their collective shoulders at the thought of remaking or re-imagining Stephen King’s “It”, no one can deny how wonderfully creepy and evil this new trailer is. Starring Bill Skarsgård, Finn Wolfhard, and Javier Bote, this trailer is frightening in its tone and Pennywise looks as terrifying as ever. Coming to scare the […]

Interview with actor Stefanie Estes

by Jeff Fountainon March 28, 2017
With 40 acting credits to her name, Stefanie Estes is definitely a talent on the rise. Recently we had the chance to talk with Stephanie about her career in acting, the movie Bethany and her future plans in the acting world. Was acting something you always wanted to do or did you discover it later […]

Movie Review: “The Heretics” is a Celebration of Different Shades of Dread

by Jeff Fountainon March 24, 2017
At first glance, you might want to dismiss the whole idea behind ‘The Heretics’ as simply something you’ve seen too many times before. You know, a cult kidnaps a woman to sacrifice her to their god, bad things ensue. However, this movie is much more than that. It is creepy, disgusting with some great scares […]