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Emerald City Comicon Cosplay Gallery [FULL]

by Mel Burkeon April 14, 2016
Emerald City Comicon may be over, but we’re still spinning from all the amazing cosplayers we saw. From Browncoats and Trekkies to Sailor Scouts and mutants, ECCC did not disappoint. To see more from Mel or to ask questions about the following photos, click here.

Cosplay Spotlight: Brandon Gilbert

by Jordan Wilhelmon April 11, 2016
If you’ve been to a comic convention recently you’ll have noticed the increased presence of characters from the Spiderman Universe. Through several movie franchises, comic book series and video games Spiderman has seen his fair share of unique costumes and these conventions have become home to bringing these creations to life. Brandon Gilbert is a […]

Sink Your Teeth into 8 Bit Bakeshop

by Laura Cerroneon March 24, 2016
While there aren’t official statistics to support this, cookies, cakes and brownies that are modeled after comic books, video games and pop culture automatically taste better. Don’t trust me? The GCE’s chat with 8 Bit Bakeshop proprietor Hannah Maldonado will convince you just otherwise. The Long Island City, New York bakery specializes in churning out […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Punished Props

by Jordan Wilhelmon February 21, 2016
Last year I came across the wonderful eBooks known as the Foamsmith series. I used these books to help create my cosplay last year. These books helped me make cleaner foam cuts, learn clever painting techniques and even how to add LEDs. Recently I got to interview the author of these books and a creator of […]

ReedPOP Kicks Off a Year of Cosplay Contests

by Laura Cerroneon January 28, 2016
ReedPOP is one of the largest convention producers on the planet, hosting events such as New York Comic Con, C2E2, Emerald City Comicon, as well as international cons like Delhi Comic Con and Beijing Comic Convention. Suffice to say, the folks at ReedPOP know how to throw a convention, and for 2016 they are bringing […]

Meet Catherine Elhoffer, Designer Behind the Star Wars Dresses

by Alanna Smithon January 15, 2016
You may have seen some of her recent work in a galaxy far far away – or rather, all over the Internet. Catherine Elhoffer‘s Star Wars-inspired dresses have been travelling through cyberspace at light speed, filling a fashion need for geeks everywhere. Casual and Muggle-friendly enough for everyday wear, her designs are stylish recreations of a variety of […]

‘Monsters Inc.’ Boo Cosplay Will Make Your Day

by Alanna Smithon December 16, 2015
I’ve seen some great kid cosplays, but this Monsters Inc. Boo cosplay just officially won “Most Adorable.” Meet Lois, she’s the daughter of Seattle-based cosplayer Amanda aka Avalyn Cosplay.  Amanda makes fantastic cosplays not only for herself, but for her two young daughters. Behold the cuteness. Costume Stress Testing, toddler style. #BooCosplay #Monstersinc #monstersincboo #cosplaywip #LittleLolo #littlelolocosplay #babycosplay […]

A Kingdom Far Far Away: Disney/Star Wars Cosplay Mashup

by Alanna Smithon December 16, 2015
A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away, a ragtag team of cosplayers banded together for one of the coolest mashups in the galaxy. Just in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, these cosplayers have created customized Mandalorian armour to turn some of your favourite Disney characters into bounty hunters. The photoset stars Amber Arden (Snow White), […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Pokemon Gijinka Group

by Alanna Smithon November 26, 2015
Pokemon gijinka cosplays have been pretty popular over the last couple of years. Back in my day the series boasted that there were “150 and more to see” (that’s right kids, less than 200), but now there are over 700 different Pokemon to choose from, offering a vast range of options for cosplaying fans looking to take some […]

Cosplay Photography Spotlight – Theorem Productions and the Alter Ego Project

by Alanna Smithon November 21, 2015
As a cosplayer, getting your photo taken by joyful convention attendees is fun, but being photographed by skilled cosplay photographers is where the real magic happens. I recently had the chance to interview cosplay photographer Marco – also known as Theorem Productions – about his experience with the craft and his interesting new Alter Ego project, which showcases cosplayers both […]