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Terminator: Genisys. Not a Reboot, But a Heck of a Ride

by Garyon June 30, 2015
Don’t call Terminator: Genisys a reboot. It isn’t. Not technically. Unlike franchises like Spider-Man that ignored and deleted everything that came before, Terminator had an advantage; it could just rewrite time. So while it’s truly a reset that moves the Terminator franchise in an exciting new direction, it isn’t a reboot because it doesn’t have […]

The Geeky Weekly – Feb. 23 – Mar. 1

by Laura Cerroneon March 1, 2015
The end of February marked an uptick of news- and most of the news was broken on Twitter. While saying goodbye to our favorite grandfather and all-around amazing human being Leonard Nimoy, there was also plenty of other news breaking. And so we bring to you this weeks Geeky Weekly. ∴ Viola Davis confirmed via her […]

The Big Super Bowl Movie Ads

by Laura Cerroneon February 1, 2015
Here are just a few trailers that aired during Super Bowl XLIX that caught our attention. View the trailers below and share your thoughts on which ones you are most excited for. Jurassic World Trained raptors?! The newest glimpse into Jurassic World gives us more view into the mayhem that besets the latest theme park. […]

Terminator Genisys Trailer

by Marcon December 4, 2014
What we thought we knew about Judgement Day has changed.