Marvel Multiverse RPG Introduces “Tony’s Workshop”

Marvel Multiverse RPG Introduces “Tony’s Workshop”

February 5, 2024 0 By Gary

Now you might be asking yourself, what’s “Tony’s Workshop?” Fear not, dear readers, the answer is forthcoming! Tony’s Workshop is a new and exciting section that’s now available at, which includes experimental gameplay options, revised rules, and a host of other shiny objects for your perusal.

The inaugural January 29th update includes some edits to the target number of webcasting, includes some directions for a disarm action (think removing a weapon, rather than an arm, though), but most excitingly includes a preview of draft new advancement rules from the forthcoming X-Men Expansion entitled “Getting Schooled.”

Instead of ranking up all at once, players will rank up slowly over a series of training session or adventures. Each time their character undergoes intensive training, or goes on an adventure, the player will check a box and get the associated character upgrade.

Then, once they’ve checked all ten boxes, they will rank up fully. They’ll receive their new damage multipliers and karma points, and everything else that’s associated with ranking up.

It’s particularly thematic for the X-Men Expansion, given the emphasis on training and teamwork that’s been showcased in that book throughout the years. It’s also a fun way to spread levelling out over time, so all the fun of growing a character doesn’t take place in 15 minutes every six sessions. As a character does stuff, they get better: it’s the very definition of experience.

But the best part? Marvel wants YOUR feedback on “Getting Schooled.” They are taking player submissions on their FAQ page on the new advancement rules until February 9th! So read, ’em, break ’em, and tell Marvel what you think of ’em!

If you’ve been following the development of the MMRPG for a while, you know that player feedback during the game’s development had a significant impact on the final product, and for the better. Rules were streamlined, made simpler, and more fun. And, according to MMRPG Project Lead CJ Cervantes…that’s by design. “Playtesting was a key part of our plans from the very start of the idea. We wanted to make a game that [players] would enjoy for the next few years; the next forever…It makes Tony’s Workshop fit seamlessly into the spirit of the game we’ve been building throughout. Player feedback has been invaluble.”

But for CJ, it all comes down to fun.

“Fun is one of our main pillars when it comes to design. A lot of RPGs are rules-dense, and crunchy. We needed to deliver a game that was accessible to folks, and fun, whether it was a person’s first RPG or tenth.”

Tony’s Workshop allows the team to maintain a connection to the community between releases and ensure they’re still on the right track. There’s no set timetable for how often Tony’s Workshop will be updated with new content, but a few times a year seems likely. The main focus will be on their signature releases like the X-Men Expansion and the Spider-verse Expansion and the…wait, no those are the only two expansions we know about.

So far.

But CJ’s cryptic final thoughts all but confirmed more is coming. “Aside from ‘Tony’s Workshop’ we have a few other items in the hopper that I can’t wait to talk about when the time comes.”

Consider me…intrigued.