Destiny Community: Support Smaller Streams

Destiny Community: Support Smaller Streams

March 23, 2016 0 By EVA

In my quest to find more hidden gems within the Destiny community, I wanted to learn more about the #SupportSmallerStreams “campaign” that I often see on Twitter.

That led me to Scooobaruu, a member of Resolute, and a passionate streamer and sometimes content creator. While he isn’t paid to stream or post on his channel, that doesn’t stop this gamer from paying it forward.

Q1: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and why you started your channel/stream?

My name is Scooobaruu, I’m happily married, have kids, been gaming since about 1989. I’ve owned pretty much every console. My only dabble in PC gaming is when I gave 5 years of my life to WoW. I started streaming just over a year ago, and have loved every bit of it. I feel that it’s a way that I can connect to gaming community and help donate my gaming skills to do something good.

Q2: What kinds of videoed/streams do you like to post, and why?

I’ve been posting short clips and funny things on YouTube. I don’t fully understand YouTube or editing yet, so I’m really slow to get content out, but that’s okay! I’m learning! I’m a variety streamer, which means I play a variety of games. As of right now you can stop by and you’ll see me playing either Destiny, The Division, or Lego games. I play on both consoles to help include as many people as possible.

Q3: Where do you get the motivation to post vids/streams?

A lot of my motivation comes from my wife, she sees how much I enjoy it, and encourages me to stream as much as I can. My other motivation comes from when I’m donating my tips to charity. I do this because I don’t really need the money that people give me, and I feel it’s better spent on others that helps bring a smile to them.

Q4: Do you have a scheduled post/stream date?

I’ve changed jobs and I’m still trying to nail down a good schedule, best way is to follow me on Twitch and Twitter to stay update as to when I’m streaming.

Q5: What, if any, ambitions do you have for your channel/stream?

I want to grow my channel, eventually get partnered and continue to keep donating to others. I want to grow a community that enjoys a variety of games and enjoys helping each other out as much as possible.